[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 18 November 2021

Right after login, not every time. Basically it’s a “first open” scenario.

Yes, right after log in. No delay

Seems to vary depending on system load, I have had it open fast in Amarr sometimes, then next sessions it can be slow.

Same with the fitting window on hardware and modules on first opening.

Never had this issue either.

Generally opening in jita or amarr. Never had the issue.

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The fact that they’re making a post for updates they expect to take 5 whole minutes just shows in what kind of blind rage and cry society we ended up in.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the info and effort but holy crap. “It’s up when it’s up, sometimes it takes a bit longer” should suffice.


that extra 5 minutes is at least 2 forum threads and a few crazy rants on reddit.

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Business as usual then.

Wrong. Go check out reddit, the issues are described at length.

So how much SP do we get for the trauma inflicted?

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ships in the past few years have risen in price by 3 times, this is not correct. We must do everything to make them cheaper again, otherwise I see no reason to play this trash heap, which is now called eve online …

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Reddit is full of people who haven’t actually done math.

Though my favorite was a post titled that it wasn’t about the rorq only to proceed into a rant about the rorq


I’m just here for the beer


This is not related to the mining update or any feature changes.

Just maintenance.

Removed a a few posts related to the Mining and Industrial update that were against rules.

This is not the thread for that, if you want to provide feedback on the Mining and Industry update then please navigate here: From Extraction to Production

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“only five minutes” you say…
If you are paying for it then it is five minutes you paid for that you do not get.
CCP sell 30 day blocks. NOT 30 days minus x, y, or z. If there is an outage for any reason for any length by any party other than the payer then it should be compensated by the payee.
It is a rather simple and clear point of law in nearly any jurisdiction around the world.
CCP do whatever they can get away with like most Corporations.

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I’ve got a POS old AMD Phenom II 965 Black with a Radeon HD 6970 graphics card and a 5400 RPM hard drive and I have no problems with loading the market or the fitting tool.

Stop playing on a potato.

I think this person works for Comcast Customer Service, sounds just like them.

Time in game is free. Your omega is access to skills and faster skill training. The five minutes don’t get deducted from your training.

But nice try :slight_smile:

If your skills paused you may have a point, but they don’t

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а сколько еще будет длиться обновление ??