Why isn’t it possible to “nuke” or gradually destroy an asteroid belt or moon and destroy all its resources for the duration of a cycle; much like the siege of a city would starve its inhabitants of resources and force their surrender- the possibility to do so would take warfare to the economic level.

Surely this is what the new mining crystals do.

There’s an option for low yield and very high waste for ‘scorched earth’ strategies.

And if dynamic resource distribution is copied into ore, it should mean the belts don’t come back for a while.

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Scorched earth should probably also mean that this waste ore doesn’t count toward boosting ADMs.

I don’t realistically see sov warfare using them in the way the devs described if you only end up better fortifying a rival system.

I mean you could do that, but you’re still better off just dropping bombers.

Not sure how your going to burn through say someone’s moon considering they should be there mining when it comes out if they care.

The new crystals are definitely for rolling anoms and getting rid of the low value ore

you haven’t been in many wars in eve have you? its entirely economic and moral based

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