CCP: mining

Why isn’t it possible to “nuke” or gradually destroy an asteroid belt or moon and destroy all its resources; much like the siege of a city would starve its inhabitants of resources and force their surrender- the possibility to do so would take warfare to the economic level.

Are you asking for the ability to permanently destroy a moon or belt?
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you are asking in the wrong section of the forums.

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this would have been better put in mining and extractions.

Your right,… is it possible to close or remove a topic?

you can move it, edit your topic title and move it to the proper location.

i would like to have an answer to shipwrecks question as well. do you want to destroy a whole moon or belt?

the permanent destruction of resources wouldn’t be feasible; but destroying the resources from a moon after it pops or the spawn of a belt for the duration of one or more cycles.

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