Minmatar Cap Maintenance Bot


We have a few logistic bots. Please add Specifically Cap minmatar cap maintenance bot.



What and why

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I’m fed up of justifying.
But here are a few.
Shield bot = Caldari
Armor Bot = Amarr
Hull Bot = Gallente
Rust Bot/Cap bot = Minmatar.

There are three logistic drones. There are no cap drones. What gives?

Also here are few reasons from other posts I have done… “Don’t change anything”.

yeah so, “the other races have a logistics drone that uses their drone model”

Is not a reason to add one that uses the minmatar model you’re going to need to give a reason as to why you think there is a need for cap drones. And even if you managed that they would probably use the amarr model seeing as the amarr have a larger focus on capacitor tech

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Ducktape bot.

Heh. “Duck.”

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One of my points is have a minmatar model. The other cap transfer.

Actually minatar are very efficient at cap, they have capless guns. It would make sense to have cap drones.

As you are very good at arguing, what is your reason for a cap transfer drone?

Lol. Lol. Hah ahah. Shhshahhh. Hahahhhh. Ha he ha eeeeee. Ha. Because humour. I get it. Because minmatar had all wealth stripped from them for years, and had to fight with anything they could get their hands on. Oppression lol. Like duct tape.

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