Minmatar Epic Arc - Wildfire Issue

There is an issue with Written By The Victors in the Minmatar Epic Arc -Wildfire that I experienced and was wondering if it could be fixed by CCP at some point. In the above mentioned mission, you are required to loot a Wildfire Khumaak from a central burial tomb and warp out.

The Vast majority of the guides on the web tell you to rush it and warp out. Well In my speed tanked Machariel, I lapsed and did not notice several web EWAR ships and was grinded to a halt somewhere within 10km of the tomb and pointed. My shield melted extremely fast from lack of speed but I was able to warp out (thankfully) when the point broke while I was deep into armor on my shield / speed tanked Machariel.

HOWEVER, it showed the mission was complete as I’m sitting outside a station with my burning hull of a Machariel and was like…well no sense in going back there again if its complete. But lo and behold, the very next mission apparently requires you to turn in that item and I don’t have it.

I don’t believe the mission should be marked complete when you get within a certain range of the burial tomb but should instead be marked complete when the Wildfire Khumaak is in your cargo hold as this is needed for the completion of the entire arc. And absolutely nobody sells this item in contracts because they too need it to complete their arcs.

I cancelled the mission as there is no point in waiting. Faction hit and waiting 3 months on something that was supposed to be helpful…oh well. No biggie. There’s too much to do in Eve to even be bothered by this.

That being said, please fix this mission so no other capsuleer experiences this and thank you for your time.

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FWIW: CCP supplies missing mission items if requested via support tickets, and while other tickets might take weeks or months to respond to, tickets filed in this category get responded to relatively promptly. If you submit a ticket now and explain to them what happened and that you forfeit the arc because of this, they might be kind enough to reset it for you instead of making you wait for it again.

Have you filed a bug report? CCP isn’t going to address the issue if you post it here but not in the bug report system.

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I’ll file a bug report then. Thought they might respond to forums. I really don’t care about being reimbursed just the fix.

None of the missions will ever be fixed. CCP might someday overhaul the whole system and eliminate the existing missions.

CCP has been motivated to develop new PVE content over the past few years and the code that was written to manage those old missions is effectively unworkable.

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This is going to sound harsh, but I have no intention of giving a crap about anyone’s feelings…sorry, not sorry.

I see no need to fix anything. You just made a lot of bad decisions. That is only the third mission in chapter one, and it is easy. Did you not have any weapons? The enemies are nothing…just kill all but one BC and loot and scoot. If you’re having that much trouble this early in the arc, you had no business doing it in the first place.

I just finished all 4 empire arcs with ease for the second time, and Minmatar is the easiest of the four. I never have a problem with this mission. You need to build a better ship, designed to easily do lvl 4 security missions. There’s no way that Mach was ever going to be able to do all the arc missions if you couldn’t get past the third one.

Also…blitzing the arc is for newbs…there’s so much isk to make doing these that blitzing them should only be reserved for people that can’t fight for sh!t.

I don’t know what you are trained into, but I only ever need one battleship, (Active shield omni tanked Rattlesnake) and an industrial with a shuttle, a few resistance mods for the few harder missions, and some ammo inside to do all 4 arcs. I loot and salvage everything, and I end up with over a billion isk at the end.

As for the mission completion bug, you should have went straight for the in game bug report…it would have gotten fixed quickly, and you wouldn’t have wasted all the time it will take to recover the standings you lost.

I made a mistake and in doing so found what I felt was an arc breaking bug. That’s literally all this post is, but the award for being a total ■■■■■■■ twat in 2020 belongs to Rixa Pirata! Congratz mate!


I would have trolled harder if I knew there was an award.

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Yes that is true. It is also true that you should know that if the mission requires you retrieve an item you should actually retrieve it. The mission would have remained in space until you turned it in.

I also would question what aspect you are claiming marked it complete. I doubt you could have actually completed the mission without the item. The tooltip area that marks mission items green can be buggy, especailly since these missions predate that system being in place.

It has been probably 9 months since I ran that epic arc, but I cannot recall any missions which require you collect an item that would let you actually complete it without said item.

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