Minmatar Republic Fleet Blockade Taskforce Destroyed. Holy Amarr Deploys Own Taskforce

Writer’s note: The following is taken from my own post on Reddit, and expanded upon following recent events.

Several days ago the Minmatar Republic dispatched several blockade taskforces to run interdiction operations at key regional border systems between the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic.

Seen as little more than a trivial show of force by the capsuleers that inhabit and traverse the area, the blockade forces we largely ignored; however, in the early hours of 18Dec a member of a Dirt ‘n’ Glitter “Heavy Metal” fleet (Magus Command Destroyer with Deacon logistic support) was, without provocation, detained, fired upon, and destroyed.

Dirt ‘n’ Glitter leadership has long had strong ties with the Amarr Empire, acting as de-facto mercenaries in the past both on their own and as a major force in the Local Is Primary [CTRLV] alliance which was, at it’s peak, the largest Factional Warfare entity that had ever existed at the time.

Determined to not let this incident go without retribution, and with no apparent action from the empire of Holy Amarr, a flash-form of Zealot class Heavy Assault Cruisers and Guardian logistic cruisers was called for and answered by outraged Dirt ‘n’ Glitter members.

Shortly after 02:30 the fleets engaged and the Blockade Taskforce was wiped out to the last ship. There were no reports of ships escaping the slaughter and an inspection of the wrecks indicated that no survivors would be found.

In the hours following the engagement Dirt ‘n’ Glitter leaders were noted to express interest in re-joining the Amarr Empire’s war efforts against the Minmatar in the regions surrounding their current home system of Huola.

Battle Aftermath

Since the destruction of the blockade our Holy Amarr’s own navy has dispatched a task force to take up station on the same site. This is no doubt a show of support for the actions of loyal capsuleers, as well as a show of force by the navy to secure the area. With this development comes renewed spirit for Amarrian supporters and the faithful.

In the mean time, Dirt ‘n’ Glitter leadership has set their sights on the remaining blockades, as well as any other overt fleet action by the Republic Fleet.

Intelligence on Republic Fleet movements is welcome in the in-game channel: dirtnglitter


Fine work. Acts of such hostile posturing from the Republic Fleet can and will not go unanswered.


Glory be.

So did they drop glorious loot? Have Dirt’n’Glitter received the holy rewards that their actions deserve? I certainly hope so. It is these sort of interesting events that the war zone needs more of. Less of the LP farming, more glorious hell fire.

Also, another serious question. With them being Minmatar did they immediately burn to 100km and call in 3 times your numbers?

Yours, with the Grace of the Empress,


P.s. #WheresHarkon

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The Republic Fleet and its capsuleer allies have gone unchecked in these regions for too long. The current state of warzone is untenable and a new wind is blowing. Our friends in the 24th Imperial Crusade have lit a beacon, and Dirt ‘n’ Glitter will answer.

The Minmatar mercenaries would do well to remember the havoc wreaked upon them only a few short years ago by fanatical pilots loyal to the Empress and the huge number of allies that rallied to Her call.

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And …Black Legion… would do well to remember that you’ve demonstrated an amazing level of incompetence at both ends of the cluster lately.

Really, if you couldn’t even deal with Darkness, can you even manage stealing candy from toddlers these days?


Was a good read. Thank you, kind sir.

I would, but the doll doesn’t have a ‘swing and a miss’ area.

I wouldn’t be making that joke given how Elo’s fairly well known to be a bit of a drooling pervboy.

Just to clarify, since I guess I didn’t make this clear enough. Elo and the rest of BL were not and are not a part of this adventure. DnG has made its intentions to leave BL known to alliance leadership last week. Most of DnGs membership has already been living in Huola for a few weeks now with current but soon-to-not-be allies DHSJ just around the block.


Pretty sure I saw these paved on my traderoute to Hek.

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Good work. These horrifying acts of Minmatar aggression must be punished.

Dirt’n’Glitter back in the militia, my heart is all aflutter.


Well. I dunno what else to say, but post has to be longer than 5 chracters.

Those rebellious, uncultured heathens need to be put in their place. Acts such as these will not go unchecked.

Where do I need to drop off the shipment of Griffins?

I have a folder of pro-empire propaganda collecting PC dust. I used to link it in Discord.
If you truly want to take back Amarr I’m totally down. Talk with Yondu Confederation as well.
Down with the rebel scum! Huola is the perfect system.

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