Want to see if there is an interest of a PvE/PvP event for killing off amarrian npc:s and stations

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I wondered if there would be an interest for a fleet operation where the fleets goal is to cause as much damage as possible to the ammarians in high sec. Meaning going up against the ammarian customs, centry guns, players and trying to kill of as many as possible amarrian stations both player and mostly the npc faction amarrians stations.

This have to be a large fleet. Since there will be a lot of reinforcements comming from the amarrian npc:s + the attraction this will cause from the amarrian fw groups/players.

So… Let me know if there is an interest for this or not. If you would like to participate in this then just type in the chat down below that you want to participate. Also add what you can contribute with, your fleet experiance, if you got discord and a mic.

Add as many people as possible to this event. Could be fun if there where an counter fleet to this, just think about the lp :slight_smile:

If there would be such an interest to begin with. Therefore this post + if this would happen then we got a place to orginise ourselves a little before taking it to discord.

Is this just some elaborate bait to get people to welp their ships to CONCORD? You can’t destroy NPC stations or sentry guns, you can’t attack player stations without a wardec, and killing the customs officials does nothing except let you move illegal goods through that gate.


I was about to say this

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity

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Respect to anyone who wants to organize content and enjoy the game! That being said, the mechanics of how the game works just don’t support what you want to do. Maybe try to organize something on a smaller scale in faction warfare or something.

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