Minmatar Super Capital pilot ready to go Rag and Hel


Character is located in null sec

Character has no kill rights,

Characters wallet is 0

Character can fly both Ragnarok and Hel


Minmatar Titan V

Minmatar Carrier V

Character has chain-breaker khuumak skin for Rag

Character has Hand of freedom skin for Hel

Confirming I am for sale

I don’t think multiple sale threads are necessary RAgnarok/Hel Pilot for sale


Bump for the day!

to the top

thanks for the offer but a bit lower than what i want :slight_smile:

still for sale!

76b offer

thank you for the offer :slight_smile: I will keep it in consideration

so how much to buy out?

Buyout would be 90b

85b is my upper limit.I think it’ a good price,wait your message.

87b and i will begin transfer

if transfer via credit card,deal。

send isk and account info

isk and mail ingame send to which character?

queen currency in game

message and isk send,comfirm plz

isk recieved beginning transfer