Minmatar Super Capital pilot ready to go Rag and Hel

(Queen Currency) #1


Character is located in null sec

Character has no kill rights,

Characters wallet is 0

Character can fly both Ragnarok and Hel


Minmatar Titan V

Minmatar Carrier V

Character has chain-breaker khuumak skin for Rag

Character has Hand of freedom skin for Hel

(Ixius Del'Monar) #2

Confirming I am for sale

(Vulgus Carovigra) #3

I don’t think multiple sale threads are necessary RAgnarok/Hel Pilot for sale

(Sofra Gaterau) #4


(Queen Currency) #5

Bump for the day!

(Queen Currency) #6

to the top

(Queen Currency) #7

thanks for the offer but a bit lower than what i want :slight_smile:

(Queen Currency) #8

still for sale!

(ruoliu) #9

76b offer

(Queen Currency) #10

thank you for the offer :slight_smile: I will keep it in consideration

(ruoliu) #11

so how much to buy out?

(Queen Currency) #12

Buyout would be 90b

(ruoliu) #13

85b is my upper limit.I think it’ a good price,wait your message.

(Queen Currency) #14

87b and i will begin transfer

(ruoliu) #15

if transfer via credit card,deal。

(Queen Currency) #16

send isk and account info

(ruoliu) #17

isk and mail ingame send to which character?

(Queen Currency) #18

queen currency in game

(ruoliu) #19

message and isk send,comfirm plz

(Queen Currency) #20

isk recieved beginning transfer