Missing research production lines

Production/Science missing queue bug

Gradually, available queues for science [possibly production too] disappear from use permanently with no apparent reason


  • PreReqs
    • Not have scientific networking skill
    • Supply management skill
    • Production line at deliverable state
    • Research line at deliverable state
  • Activity
    • Be more than 1 jump from the production system and not in system for the research lines
    • Deliver all jobs
    • click out of ‘some jobs are not in range’ message
    • log off
    • log in
    • register the science line has disappeared, the contents are gone, and the number of used lines is more then the number of jobs still present.

Bug Report EBR-236934


The issue is now resolved. The problem is that 3 of the science jobs are owned via the corp instead of me. As such they don’t show on the primary industry page but can, with a different combination of display settings, be switched to corp in the industry view only then displays the jobs allowing completion.