Missing skill points? Or just misread... please delete

So I have opened the omega crate for day two… and it states 50,000 SP (see image)

It appears someone has opened the boxes before delivery and has stolen my SP?

Any chance someone from Eve post office can look into this?

#Just for info - since requesting this be closed… there was no 50,000 sp in the day three gift :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are looking at the day 3 gift


No he is not.
Yes he is (and yes I was)

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I love how people are so quick to want to have something to bitch about as if someone is intentionally taking something from them, they dont realize they didnt read everything.

I love how you are so quick to want to have people to insult as if your opinion was of any interest.

The UI is badly designed and always starts with the present day, so on 2nd day the 3rd day look like it is the 2nd.

You call that bitching for no reason but you being unable to understand how people think.
Your insults just show people how mentally challenged you are.

I dont want it actually, but OP kind of proves my point.

You have no point when you have insult.
Your sole point is, that you want to insult people.

But rather then the op going “maybe i misread something” he instead went straight to “they took something that was mine and they need to give it to me”

Prove it ? It’s just your interpretation, as a reason to insult people.

I read his question, tried it ingame and realized he was right.
Then I read the next comment about 3rd day, and realized my error and why the game created that error.

You on the other hand, just don’t give a ■■■■ about why or how, and just come here to insult people.

You bring literally nothing into the topic. Your sole goal when posting was to be an asshøle. Just like those kids who have nothing more to do than scream in a mall because they want to be given importance.

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Reacting to the dumbest people on the internet…

You sound like you are describing yourself.

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D’oh!! I apologise


I also made the same mistake !

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No worries, man, it happens :slight_smile:

Ignore the drama, it’s all good.

Do one wanker I mis read, I admitted it when it was pointed out - you just came to shout your mouth off - I posted to check what I thought was an error, not to bitch… so take your whiny little ass and ■■■■ off

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That’s what my parents said to me when I got a big box with a tiny gift.

Talking about yourself again Andersen?

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Closed via polite request by OP.

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