Mission blitzing and the ascendancy implants

I have become a huge fan of Anize’s blitzing guide plus Chainsaw’s (and others) fits for blitzing burners. I wanted to reach out here for some opinions.

With the exception of the hideously expensive high-grade Omega, I’m considering picking up a high-grade Ascendancy set sometime in the next few months.

The thing is, right now with the 3x Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II’s, I’ve got my Mach up to 5.21 AU / sec. For another 3 billion, using a WS-615 and a high-grade set (sans Omega), I can bump that up to… what… 7+ ?

Now, granted, Barkrik is next door and a monsterously huge system, so maybe you all have found 7-8+ AU / sec worth it on the Mach?

I’ve love to hear thoughts and experiences from any folks who were blitzing both before and after you picked up an ascendancy set. Or even if you started blitzing only after getting the set.


a t2 hyperspatial fit mach does 8.03au/s with the 1-5 HGs and a WS-615 And I think it’s also worth noting you get a nice warp speed bump on frigs/cruisers too if you are doing burners. and it makes doing jita runs much quicker.

Take a look at the warp speed chart from the devblog when they changed things:

System size is a big factor. Bigger systems -> more saved time. Mission spawns are also a factor, if you get mostly in system missions it’s not a big deal, if you have to go 2-3 jumps for every mission it becomes more important. like you say that one system is huge.

Now is it worth it? I couldn’t actually say, haven’t seen a good comparison of with/without. But using the chart lets assume a typical mission is 2 jumps one 50 and one 20au warp, gong from 5au/s->8au/s saves 7s and 5s respectively and you have to go there and back, so that’s 24s in travel time, plus probably another second or two for each gate in mission, and a few more seconds for the warp into the mission. Would estimate the saved time at around 30s per mission.

If you log in and only run a mission or two at a time probably not worth it. If you log in and run for several hours at a time, you can probably get in an extra mission or two per session.

They are great utility implants and there isn’t really anything better to put there. If you got the isk to burn I’d say it’s worth it. But not sure if they are a must have.

With those new ludacris price tags on everything, there will be not much else I can do.

Awesome - thanks for the analysis and link. This is what I needed to hear.

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Freighters aside, Ascendancy implants are for the Over 9000 OCD Min/Max Autism Chariots.

I’m sure you could find some far more useful implants for mission running. Crystals, Asklepians, Genolutions all come to mind.

if I simulate scarlet mission in lanngisi

  • WS 8.x : 139M/h
  • WS 5 : 128M/h


If I simulate scarlet in Sehmosh

  • WS 8.x 161M/h
  • WS 5 : 149M/h


If I simulate agent angel in lanngisi

  • ws 7 : 243M/h
  • ws 5 : 223M/h


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I’m not sure you could. With blitzing warp speed becomes the biggest time sink, where combat time is typically very short. Genos look interesting, mainly due to the extra fitting room, then all the other base stats don’t hurt, but hard to see it making a big difference. Maybe Askleps or Crystals let you get in an extra damage mod or let you use slightly cheaper fits, but I don’t see them improving mission times more than Ascendancy implants.

And yea all those simulated missions seem right, but it’s still going to take a bunch of missions before you get in that extra one. Interested in seeing some mission times and/or isk/hr comparisons between an ascendancy clone and any other.

And you can always go on the test server and try a few missions and see if you notice a warp speed difference.

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Indeed I popped in all the implants minus the omega on SiSi, and it felt great. I mean, mainly only shaved off a few seconds here and there, but if nothing else, I can afford a set and it’ll be worth it to remove the annoyance I feel when I warp 130+ AU in a BS. :slight_smile:

I went with mid grades from the start. I definitely feel they make a difference :slight_smile:

Popped in a few other suggested implants also.


Aye - a good value indeed. Personally I have a hard time going with the mid-grades as it simply puts too much of a dent in my skill training time, but that’s my personal prioritization. The mids offer a great bang for the buck.

Also, I went through the various implant lists for slots 6 through 10, and I can’t really come up with anything more useful than the suggested implants you and I are both using in 6-10.

Yeah whilst you’re still training things up it’s definitely worth having the attribute implants in. Fortunately when I got into blitzing I already had max skills for all the fits so I don’t feel too bad about it. At this point it’s just training extra skills to extract and boost my income a bit more :slight_smile:

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slot 6: WS-615
slot 7: Ogdin’s 6% tracking implant for under 100m yes please
slot 8: Zor’s hyper-link for the extra MWD/AB speed. a 5% medium gun implant might work here they are pretty cheap, but I think zor’s is more utility
slot 9: SS-905 5% damage to all turrets
slot 10: RL-1005 or LP-1005 for standard missions I’d take the gun one, for burners the launcher one. I have a LE-1005, which is largely useless but I cba to unplug it from back when my main ship was a paladin.

Much better to have a gun and launcher general implants, than specific rocket and large projectile implant. Burner blitzing involves a bunch of other turret use mostly small blasters.

the MP-705 might be interesting for team burners, a bit more range probably means you will stay in range on initial orbit more often, but I’m not sure it’s better than a turret tracking implant.

and yea when they made high grades +4s it make it a much easier choice to swap. And whenever I’m playing without them everything just feels so slow.

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Does the “when warp speed is uo by %, changes the same % for warp acceleration?”. Is that still a thing or have changed?

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