Mission Help

I’ve been having an issue with the mission, “A Friend in Need”, apart of the Advanced Military Agent Career path. I’m getting up to the beacon with the remote shield booster, but whenever I try to use it I keep getting the message

“Civilian Small Remote Shield Booster requires 45 units of charge. The capacitor has only [insert different number every time] units”.

I’m not sure where to go or what to do. Any help would be appreciated!

Is it offline?

You probably fitted your ship with too many items sucking up power or CPU, try offlining one and turn on the mod needed.

I did try that but I’m still getting the same message.

Try letting your capacitor recharge all the way.

turn other mods off that you do not need at station, and make sure the remote mod is ON. and when you fly out, nothing should be using your cap except when you are flying… and by the time you get to the other ship, you should be able to repair it and warp out.

Depending on what ship you are using, you could probably fit a cap booster to help with it… What ship are you trying to use?

I’m using the Caldari Ibis, the first ship I started off using. Which might be part of the problem lol

Yea that would be the problem have you not gotten a ship other than that one yet

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