Mission Salvaging Split

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to split the profit automatically with everyone in a fleet upon selling salvaged goods. Or do I have sell them all and divide all the proceeds manually like I have been doing? Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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The only automated splitting for fleets is the ISK and LP awarded after handing in the mission. If you want to divvy up the loot, that’s on you. Easiest way would be to sell it all and split the profits.

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Alternatively in case you don’t want to sell right away you can copy the loot list into https://evepraisal.com and share the link along with the trade value, deduct like 10-25% to compensate for market fluctuation and market manipulation and either send the ISK to the fleet members right away (and sell the loot later) or do so once the stuff is sold and just use the evepraisal link as reference so people know what to expect.


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