Mizhir and Melisma Shipping/Catfight Thread

So, if you had other reasons, what might they have had?

My energetic cousin probably remembered that while politics is largely theatre, theatre can also be politics.

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If Utari isn’t fighting. Neither am I.

I believe the matter is unfortunately out of mine and Melisma’s hands.

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Why, Constantin back out?

I am starting to think this is a cover up for the real reason.


This would be extremely unfortunate, as I would still love to fight you for sport, and the event seemed very popular aside from the one match I cancelled and some Brutor bigwigs. But the decision has been made, and I’m not reversing it.

I did book the venue, though, so if we end up cancelling the event, I’ll hold something else on 10 August.

I said what I said:

Bottom line: Utari and Constantin are cut from the event, through no fault or doing of their own or of their handlers. No one is sorrier about that than I am, but I deaded it and it stays dead.

If Mizhir backs out, then the event is cancelled, though if Maira and Catherine still want to fight I’ll happily use my resources to set a new event up for them.

And like I said, if the event ends up cancelled, I’ll plan something else for that date.

Sorry to disappoint you all, but it’s settled and done.


Sultry but angst-ridden Ammatar girl versus chatty but spicy hot Amarr lady?


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We’ve both already declined. I recommend you stop fantasizing about us and find a healthier outlet for your ‘needs.’ God knows there are enough options in the cluster.


ay fite me

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Beware, traveler, for here yawns the all-devouring gulf, the void marking the border between sophistication and vulgarity that descends ever-deeper through layer upon layer of abstraction, down into madness.

Lean close and you can hear it whisper: “Is it art?”


Melisma, I would hate if an event that you care about got cancelled due to a single match being called off, whatever the reasons behind that happening. Being as that is the case, however, I would be absolutely thrilled to help you see it through, either by taking Constantin’s place against Utari, or perhaps even more amusing, at least to me, taking up that challenge we were talking about in jest whilst in The Ocean Blue. Perhaps we could actually find out whether Lyra is able to best me in a wrestling match or not?

If you are amenable to either of these solutions to prevent the possible cancellation of these matches, the other parties involved agree to this as well, and the event is decided to indeed go forward, I would very much prefer that any and all profits/winnings-or losings, as the case may be- that would potentially go to my person, be redirected to help provide money and supplies for the continuing Relief Efforts in the Tanoo System. They have recently been doubly attacked by both Triglavians and Blooders, as you know, and could certainly use the funds to positive effect.


I’m gonna go ahead and suggest you take Constantin’s place against Utari. He was already prepared and I’m really not one to do something like that in public.

You wouldn’t be able to live down getting beat by me anyway.

Perhaps we can have a private exhibition sometime, then. That would be absolutely stellar, of course, if that is what you would prefer! As for getting beat by you? Even if it happened, which I hazard to say is still in dispute until we actually attempt it, I would certainly have no issue in losing to such a wonderfully well-qualified, superbly trained, and honourable opponent such as yourself. My only goal would to be to acquit myself well enough to at least make it an entertaining match for you and anyone that was present to observe, win or lose.


Somewhere in the madness, there seems to be an incorrect idea that has developed: that Constantin stepped down from the match or was unwilling to participate, or is otherwise the reason for the match’s cancellation. He is not.

In order for the match to go on, both Constantin as well as Utari would have to be replaced, and Mizhir has stated that she won’t fight if Utari doesn’t. That’s the crux of the conundrum right now.

If Mizhir finds that a fight between you (Argos) and someone else would be good enough, then that’ll be fantastic. Personally, I would love to see you wrestle someone in a mud pit.

Having talked to Utari, who said he was eager to fight, I don’t actually believe that the problem is not on Constantin’s end. There’s been a lot of opacity going on through this whole process, and I fully believe that someone back channeled on his behalf.

Let’s not mention that you’re not only fighting, but running the fight. That’s not conducive to a good sporting event. Hand it over to someone else (I don’t care who), and take Corovid out of this.

So, if Miz won’t fight without Utari, and Corovid is what is keeping that from happening, seems like Corovid is the problem, not Utari.

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Same! I am not going to just sit here and let Corovid objectify the female body and tweak the event to cater for some cis-het male gaze.

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Even if your Event is unable to proceed, as this is seemingly something that you would like to see, I am absolutely positive that this much, at least, can certainly be arranged. Perhaps that private exhibition that you found so potentially enticing could actually be reality.

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I think we need to hear from Utari and Constantin directly.

@Utari_Onzo @Constantin_Baracca

We want to hear form you! What do you think about your being pulled from the event?

I defer entirely to Melisma in this case, and will only reiterate what she has stated previously in this thread.