Azazel Drakonis Callout Thread

This is the thread to tell @Azazel_Drakonis that he’s an idiot for signing up to a cult dedicated to an arms dealer with a god complex.

Sorry for shitting up your thread @Elsebeth_Rhiannon


Azazel Drakonis is an idiot for signing up to a cult dedicated to an arms dealer with a god complex.



Ok, this is not what I… but here goes.

Drakonis, you’re cool enough as is, you don’t have to seek edgy Fed ■■■■ to enhance the image.


Azazel Drakonis is an idiot for signing up to a cult dedicated to an arms dealer with a god complex, I guess. Sucks that that seems to be true.


You can also elaborate as to why he’s an idiot, or really anything that could have been posted in Else’s thread.

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Azazel Drakonis is an idiot. I don’t have time to enumerate the reasons.


Azazel Drakonis is an idiot and an asshole, for reasons that include signing up to a cult dedicated to an arms dealer with a god complex, sleeping with a butcher, and making light of the mass murder of thousands of innocent people.

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Idk, he seems pretty cool


Can we call other people assholes too? :smiley:

That would be off topic.


Fortunately, we have a topic for that!


Huh. Azazel is sleeping with a butcher eh ?

I didn’t know he liked sausages.

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Which butcher? Not Nauplius, I hope.

If true, it’s … pretty disappointing. I kind of like him.


No, like. Probably.

In any case, it feels like this is going to maybe lead to some discussions about when slavery as a practice, or working for/with people who tolerate/support it, is and is not okay.

(I’d still rather be shot than wind up in Nation. Like, seriously, open invitation: if I’m about to get captured by Nation, please shoot me. I’d rather just stop existing, even if it hurt terribly, than have my mind butchered.)


I, Nauplius, do hereby deny ever having bedded or been bedded by Azazel Drakonis. I don’t even know him.


I feel wrong for liking a Nauplius post.



Are you all really serious right now? Like is this really happening?

I know this is IGS, but this is petty even for you lot.

Every single one of us makes choices. Every single one of us makes mistakes. I could call out almost all of the posters before me (except the few I don’t know) for dumb ■■■■ that you’ve done. But you’re all here throwing stones?

Especially @Elsebeth_Rhiannon — did you really just call out your colleague publicly, in a thread clearly made to shame him? I expect better from you, Captain, and I’ve always looked up to you. But this is a massive disappointment. You of all people have the ability to talk to Azazel privately, and he would listen.

In fact, what do any of you hope to achieve by posting this thread? If anything, bashing him publicly is only going to drive him further away. If you’re really worried about him, then express your concerns to him in person. Not this petty ■■■■■■■■. If you think this ■■■■ will benefit him, then you’ve never really known Azazel Drakonis.

Here is what I have to say about Azazel: He is a great man, a gentleman in a field where gentlemen are scarce. When he gets into the warzone, he’s a complete beast. He’s hardworking and dedicated. He is the only Republic loyalist who has taken the time to get to know me—and he isn’t even ■■■■■■■ Matari!

If he is indeed rolling with Sansha, or even just feeling himself a little too much, I will ask him about it the next time I see him in person. ■■■■ this public shaming ■■■■. All of you need to grab your bags of rocks and go back to your glass houses.

■■■■ you all.


Weird hill to die on.

He has already been confronted in private. Repeatedly.

And you think that going public will work better? You’re a complete ■■■■■■■ idiot.