Off-Topic Thread

(Arrendis) #1

Because it’s time again.

Here you go. No conversation to derail. Feel free to offer whatever you can come up with.

(Utari Onzo) #3

Didn’t take long to require this, however I must say I am actually impressed Funk’s post in the main thread had a link attached to Arrendis’ reply here. This forum went up a little notch in my books.


(Aria Jenneth) #4

Uh … what part of a body does the blood not count in?

The appendix? … no, without that bloodflow you’d have a lump of necrotic tissue there …

The outside, maybe? Scabs are a little important, though…

(Arrendis) #5

The fingernails?

(Arrendis) #7

Your attempt at a response didn’t really deserve anything more.

(Utari Onzo) #8

You’re rubbing off on me. Not sure how I feel about it.

(Arrendis) #9

I feel like there should be some kind of really bad porn joke in this reply, but I just can’t think of it.

(Utari Onzo) #10

You’re not my type anyways, no harm done.

(Halcyon Ember) #12

But, redheads best.

(Utari Onzo) #14

I prefer to look at the personality of a woman more then the exterior when it comes to these things.

(Halcyon Ember) #15

You can admire people’s looks without considering their potential as a mate.

(Diana Kim) #17

That would be talk about nothing. This obnoxious person simply spreads slanders and obvious lies. I don’t even need to prove her words wrong - everybody can see it already. She just insults people, lies about them and doesn’t think she should apologize.

Most shameful display.

(Diana Kim) #19

I am one of “naysayers”, because I am neither a celebrity, nor a hero.

I am just a soldier, an officer working for Caldari State and doing my job and duty for Caldari people.

(Aria Jenneth) #20

I’m actually praying someone will listen to Anyanka Funk. Strange day…

(Morgana Tsukiyo) #21

Shameful display!

(Diana Kim) #22

Well, and since we started off-topic about heroism:
To be a hero one needs to do something extraordinary, that is not withing their duty or job obligations.
For example, Tibus Heth was hero, because he saved a worker from under the fire, while being just another worker, while everyone else were hiding behind shields. Tibus Heth was a hero, when he went planetside during liberation of Caldari Prime and was fighting among common soldiers like a common soldier, while being CEO of Megacorporation and de-facto leader of the whole State! Usually CEOs just sit in their offices and look at such operations from holo-screems.

And me? I was in many battles. I have lost many, and won more. I have faced superior and larger foes - but everything I did was expected from me. I was only doing my job. There is no heroism in doing what is expected from you. I have trained to fight when I learned to walk. I have been prepared to sacrifice my life for the State. It is just my job.

(Diana Kim) #23

I actually do try to follow her advice, and I try to never defend myself from obvious slanders or lies. Provided they don’t bring any made up proof - then I would have to address that. Usually when people need to accuse someone - they have to bring proof. So, without any proof their words are just invalidated.

On the other hand, I can’t follow her second advice and can’t ignore that. Because otherwise people actually might believe it if it won’t be contested. And the solution to both contest them and not acknowledge their lies is quite simple and elegant: to acknowledge a person as a slanderer and liar. And with that approach my own words are actually proven by the fact of existing slander (accusation in anything without proof).

Then I have ability to invoke that for anything else they say even without getting into detail, without a risk of saying a lie myself (as soon as I just call them a “liar” and not using typical trolling form of “they always lie” - because if I would say that, I will lie myself and lose my honor, since nobody theoretically possibly could say always lies).

I believe such approach to be logically the most efficient.

(Che Biko) #24

[quote=“Jason_Galente, post:19, topic:4842, full:true”]
If you have questions of purpose and meaning, even crises of purpose and meaning, that doesn’t make you a nihilist.

In fact, I’d say it makes you very definitively not a nihilist.

You can’t ‘sort of’ be a nihilist. Either you’ve taken the black pill that nothing has meaning, or you believe that something, anything, has meaning. Nihilist literally means a believer of/in nothing.
Like I said, the answer to the questions is always the same.

I still think I’m sort of a nihilist, because I believe nothing has meaning, thus/yet I don’t believe in nothing.

(Aria Jenneth) #25

I believe something similar, Che, but I really don’t consider myself a nihilist.

This is a world of illusion. Nothing is real, including me.

If I had to draw a bright line, a nihilist would be someone who either believes in stuff but finds no meaning in it, or believes as I do but thinks the unreality of things is the only important bit.

(Jev North) #26

Ah, quite. The follow-up question is whether illusions exist and have meaning, of course.

Speaking of, that’s close to a point in my own belief system – while I think “meaning” is a meaningful concept, I don’t think “the meaning” is. “What does this mean” necessarily comes with a second part, namely “to who?”