Mizhir and Melisma Shipping/Catfight Thread

I can’t think of any jokes to put in here that would match the title.


The thread is not about you either. But since everyone was throwing shades to left and right I took the opportunity to join in. After all you said you could point out people’s dumb mistakes. I just brought mine out in the light myself.

But thank you (for both compliments).

And yet you decided to throw shade at someone who hasn’t been on IGS in ages, would probably never see that post, and as such wouldn’t have the opportunity to defend himself.

That’s just trashy. And obviously it was my job to say so.

Are you upset that I took your leftovers and made him into a five-star meal?

Also, I’d totally do you. Man has great taste.

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Who are we talking about, again?

Ioannis Sepphiros. Mizhir used to date him, I date him now.

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And exactly what he deserves.

You didn’t take him, he left me for Julianni, while lying to both of us. And then she dumped him when she realized what a jerk he had been.

Thank you. Unfortunately it’s unhygienic to eat what has been mixed with my leftover from last year.

That’s not a justification.

I wasn’t implying that I stole him from anyone; he was single when I met him. What I said is just a phrase.

Your loss. I’m a goddess in the bedroom, sweetheart. Why else do you think he’s with me?

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That’s the same thing he told Jules.

That’s what they all say. Despite I already got a line of women wanting to get in my panties.

It also makes me wonder. He told me that he was done with polyamory. Why are you even flirting with me? Getting tired of eating leftovers?

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I flirt with everyone, sweetie. No need to spin mad theories around it.

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Ohh really? How come it was only you and I mentioned in this thread? And not you and everyone?

Posting to say I’ve posted here.



Because the thread stemmed from me specifically hitting on you?

Besides, there is nothing wrong with finding other people attractive, even in a monogamous relationship.

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But shouldn’t you have been hitting on everyone then? You were quite agressive with your flirting. Much more aggressive than I would expect from someone in a monogamous relationship. But don’t worry. I wouldn’t tell him.

Is any particular sausage-and-biscuit pairing worth this much venom?

I would recommend some cheese to go with this whine.

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Biscuit ? I think you’re doing something wrong, Makoto.

Or you’re thinking of a very different kind of biscuit than I am.

I don’t think IGS would approve of my cluttering every thread with flirts. Also, I do most of my flirting in person. Much more personal.

But I saw an opening to flirt with you, so I went for it.

I like to be forward about my intentions, unlike yourself.

Sweetheart, this is a public forum. If I thought Ioannis would do anything other than giggle when he saw this, I wouldn’t be writing here.

Has anyone ever told you that you are phenomenally bad at accepting compliments?


Well you can usually find my in Hueromont.

That’s a new one.

I already said ‘thank you’. What else do you expect? Shall I give you headpats and call you a good girl?

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If you two want to settle your differences with honour and decorum, the Kaztropolis Arena is available to hire for mud wrestling. Its a 50,000 all seater stadium in the middle of Kaztropolis.