MM and ME is Recruiting New and Old Players and Merging Corp`s

Mayhem Mechanics (MM) is for PvP and Mayhem Enterprises (ME) for High Sec Players
If any Corp wanna merge for the upcoming changes in January
we may be open to that.

What we offer:

  • Daily Alliance PvP Fleets.
  • Weekly PvE Events.
  • PvP Fun Roams.
  • Ore, PI & Salvage Buyback Program.
  • Investing (Shares).
  • Access to great lowsec pockets.
  • High Sec Mining.
  • Low Sec Mining.
  • Null Sec Mining
  • Discord and Teamspeak.
  • Discord BoT setup.
  • New-Pilot Friendly. (Teaching and Help)
  • Sister Corp (ME) for High Sec Players that dont wanna be at War.

We have a stable local setup providing focused fleets for all your PvP needs, to also mining and PvE Ops, that support the Corp, + goal driven industry to keep us all supported. We offer most other forms of PvE, keep an eye on the Calendar.


  • Discord and Teamspeak. (Mic Not Required)
  • Actively play EvE.
  • API Required.
  • Minimum Skill Points 250 000.

Looking for:

Exploration, Mission Running, Incursion, Alliance Warfare, Small-Scale Gangs, Trade, Mining, Research, Manufacturing, New-Pilot Friendly

Area of Operations:

-High Sec, Low Sec, Nullsec, Wormhole Space.
-All time Zones are Welcome.

Friendly Fire is illegal.


Steam Comments, Write your ingame name. and i will contact you ASAP.
Ingame Mail: (Swatmo ZM).
Ingame Corp Application. Tell us a bit about yourself.
Ingame Public Channel (-MM-Public). Other Recruiters will be of assistance if im not Online.

Hope to see you soon,
Fly Safe :slight_smile:

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