MMO's are addictive

MMO’s are addictive

Why are you addicted to MMO’s such as Eve Online?

The constant desire to progress and level up? The constant fullfillment of accumulating things? Items? ISK? PLEX? An escape from reality?

EvE is the anti-thesis to “level-up” games. Unlike drugs, the addiction I suppose comes from the same why people are “addicted” to their sports club. For me it’s relaxing from a work day full of complex, difficult problems mixed with necessary routine to be using some more basic parts of my brain. :wink:


Because sitting on top of a rare mount outside of the auction house is a power trip for me, and is how I can finally get back at the jocks who used to bully me in high school. Who’s got the Ashes of Al’ar now, stupid Chad? Your fifteen touchdowns ain’t worth ■■■■ anymore. I bet your wife is cheating on you too, lmao! You can’t even afford a nice gaming chair like mine because you have to take care of your kids. What a chump.


I don’t know many eve players that stick around for the game. It’s almost entirely the community and other meta aspects.

For a second there, i was expecting you to say “Your fifteen inches aint worth ■■■■ anymore.”

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I’m not addicted…I can quit anytime I want. *scratch scratch

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Maybe Eve should come with an “addiction” or “rage” warning on the box?

Just like drinks and foods with E numbers and other additives are labelled for “may affect hyperactivity in children”.

Honestly I am not as addicted to EVE as Dota 2. I do have a “fair” amount of hours in Dota 2 I play EVE to have a chat with people around the world honestly. It’s a nice social activity that I view it. Part of it is based on my love of spaceships and the future. Having tons of items is a thing also. I just get to play in my sandbox and be in my own world for the most part.

If I was barred from playing EVE like you couldn’t plex for example anymore I wouldn’t be angry more just disappointed.

Is it an addiction? I never viewed it as one my self.

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