Mobile operations platform

This would be a mobile platform with a cargo hold of 200k-400k M3 that can be deployed and customized depending on what you want to use it for, for example if you wanted to mine with it you would set it up close to an asteroid field and equip a mining module and a drone module and compression module.
Depending on what version of the platform you got would determine the tank and how many expansion slots it would have, example the small one would have 2 expansion slots the medium would have 3 and the large would have 4.
the modules would be of all different types so the platform could be used for various tasks, for mining the modules would vary a standard strip miner module would target any asteroid in range of the platform and mine till the cargo hold was full then you would get an alert that it was full, if you got a modulated strip-mining module it would only target the type of asteroid that it was set to. another module would be drones each module would support 5 drones of different sizes and types (mining, salvage, support, combat )depending on the module you installed.
There would also be weapon and defense modules, for example if you wanted some extra defense for your pos or citadel you would install various weapon defense or repair/support modules.
This platform would be vary customizable and useful in many different areas of the game.

So basically this would be an NPC ship (immobile) supporting the player - or a sneaky way to add equipment slots to the ship - or simply yet another try to solo/afk auto-mine.
Imo these functionalities are a bit too much.
Roles like additional mining, salvaging, defense etc. should be filled by another active character.
Also, speaking of station defense - would there be a limit how many a player could deploy?

Sorry, I don’t think this would work.

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