Mobile Siphons Remade To Take Fuel From Citadels?

If siphons are restricted to the amount of fuel they suck [say 1 every 15 minutes] and the amount around a citadel that can suck, say 5 and also the fact they can be killed for a tasty killmail by ANYONE, there is certainly reasonable counter-play to it. And as a matter of fact eve is not supposed to be easy, there are ways around and if some random corp cannot be bothered to check their fuel, then they deserve to lose their citadel if that is what the result is.

You don’t leave a citadel running without checking it occasionally and if you don’t then it is your loss. You don’t even need to constantly check it, just every so often.

That is the point of siphoning them, in the hope that the defender is not prepared and that their cloning goes offline, nothing stopping anyone from physically traveling to it. Eve is hard, it is NOT meant to be easy.

Do not conflate difficulty with time commitment. Never forget that the average Eve player is in their 30s, with their own lives in full swing.

I’m not saying that the tactic is bad, I’m not saying that the tactic shouldn’t be a good way to mess with groups.

But it should not be something where they wake up in the morning and wonder why their butts are sore. It should be something where they’re kicking and screaming the whole way through. Then not only is it “hard” for the people getting their fuel siphoned, but it’s also hard for the people trying to siphon the fuel.

You know what… this actually gives me an interesting idea.

An anchored structure (they’re already talking about adding small modules) intended for siege. The futuristic version of a battering ram.

It has an anchor period on par with other citadels, it has reinforcement and vulnerability mechanics the same as other citadels (a permanently low-power mode), and it is capable of siphoning a structure down after 2 days anchored. Doesn’t siphon while reinforced. Could be anchored outside of the range of citadel guns.

Has all the advantages of a deployable siphon, whilst giving the “defenders” a chance to force their attackers to defend the siege infrastructure.

Just a random thought, poke holes in it.

lol wut? they take 15 minutes just to START anchoring. they take 24hrs to anchor

why does it get to be safe from a structure it is affecting?

It shouldn’t. Active citadel owners should be able to spot and destroy them.

Yes I was referring to that initial 15 minutes. If we are going to argue semantics, then use the word ‘deploy’ instead of anchor.

Why would you bother responding with a fleet when you can just shoot it from your citadel? Hop into the chair, pewpew, lol done.

I agree with what you’re saying (it should be affectable) but in order to combat player laziness efficiency it would be best to require pilots to undock. Much as the players affecting the targeted citadel must undock to anchor their siphon against an already-established structure.

well no it just shouldn’t be a thing lol

its useless against large groups and devastating to small ones

I disagree, and find the opposite to be the case.

A large group has infrastructure all over the place. If I anchor 50 of them, you must respond to 50 of them or end up going low-power on ones you don’t respond to.

If I only have 5 citadels because I’m in a small group, I will only ever have to respond to 5 of them.

so these things are going to be cheap enough that you can just anchor 50 of them? that sounds broken in itself

not if they are drained before anyone gets on because all 10 of your members have jobs and are only on weekends

Doesn’t sound that bad to me, for the simple reason that it’s a nice door knocker. “hi, you can come fight us here or we’ll take away one of your reinforcement timers and all of your fueled services”.

I’d say that those particular groups are undeserving of infrastructure. While I fully believe that autistic levels of time commitment is a bad thing, some time commitment should be needed. If an entire corp isn’t logging in for a week at a time, that’s a good time to belong to an NPC corp.

CCP disagrees. with the original mission statement being that corps of all sizes would be able to use them effectively.

Fair to say. Like I initially said, just a rough idea for something to give the defenders a reason to sally forth and proactively defend their infrastructure, instead of just blueballing their attackers.

the threat of it going boom not enough? if they don’t care about that why would they care about the fuel?

On the contrary, it’s a way to increase the dynamics.

Yes the defenders will show up for their hull timer, if they intend to keep the structure. And yes, the attackers will show up to the timers if they intend to kill the structure.

But now the attackers have an opportunity to further accelerate things by placing isk on the table. And the defenders can choose to take that from them.

isk so little we can jus toss out 50 of them no problem

You mean like citadels being thrown everywhere?

Cost isnt a prohibitive factor to something that people want to spam. Citadels prove this already. If you want to take sov or just make a defenders life hell, these things could cost 1b each, and people would still spam them as long as it helped achieve their goals.

Very much this. As many are fond of saying, cost is not a factor (in balance). I’d say that particular statement tends to favor large groups (a concern you mentioned) but there are a LOT of rich fucks in small/personal corps.

A billion isk would be trivial for any dedicated group.

There was exactly the same discussion about siphons when they were introduced years ago. The end of moon mining for all alliances without 24 / 7 player attendance… And then nobody used them.

Regarding the “you can just anchor 50 of them” argument: The old ones allready had a stacking penalty. Using more than 2-3 of them was pretty much a waste. So it should be pretty easy to balance this thing on a reasonable level.

How about letting the siphon go unnoticed for a day or two, and then the owner of the structure gets an Evemail?

Sort of like a “We just noticed a discrepancy in the fuel storage” kind of Evemail.

I’ve always been a loner, sneaky kind of bottom feeder so I like this whole siphon on Citadels idea. :slight_smile:

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