Mobile weapon platform

(David Potts) #1

Mobile weapon platform is a deployable structure like the Mobile Tractor Unit but with guns and auto targeting for rats only, It will “not” attack players.

How do one arm it then? Well I’m glad you ask, you fit it like any other ship, but it comes with premade Modules for it!

The down sides to it that it cant not move like any other deployable structure, you will need to pick it up and then set it back down, you need to give it ammo base on what type of weapon premade Module, it’s can be be pick up on sensors with ease due to the high power output of the weapons on it, and base on what weapons you put on it, it will change it’s fire rate like any other ship, too much a drain on the Capacitor = the fire rate is lessen.

One high slot. one mid slot. one low slot.

premade Modules.

Hybrid turrets

Laser turrets

Projectile turrets

Missile launchers

Armor tank

Shield tank

Capacitor modules - more then one module

Weapons upgrade modules - more then one module

Do give feedback on what you think about it! I will love to hear what you think on it!

(Praetor Serpe) #2

They are already in game, and are called “Sentry drones”

(David Potts) #3

Well Sentry drones and Mobile weapon platform are two different things.

Sentry drones - are smaller and you cant change them at all.

Mobile weapon platform - are a lot bigger and you can change them.

but they do have the same function, In the end to kill Rats but the Mobile weapon platform can be a lot more costly then the Sentry drones.

(Praetor Serpe) #4

What’s the purpose of adding these mobile weapons platforms?
What are the benefits compared to sentries?

They are like sentries, but:

  • they are bigger (occupying cargo space not being drones)
  • they are easier to kill (being bigger)
  • they can be probed
  • they cannot be used in PvP
  • cost (a lot?) more,
  • need ammo
  • need modules

I cannot find a single reason to not use sentries instead of your MWP

(Lena Crews) #5

As long as no player gets bounties/salvage/loot from rats killed by the mobile weapon platform… fine. If they do… we really don’t need more AFK wealth generation.

(Old Pervert) #6

AFK ratting never got easier. Someone multiboxes one frigate in each site, drops weapons platforms and an MTU (which the frigate orbits) in with a hauler, then comes back when the site is clear.

If someone warps in, they just ignore it, because their 250k isk frigate isn’t even worth a single rat, and the gun platform likely won’t be worth more than 2 or 3 rats.

(David Potts) #7

Well, that why i posted here, to get feedback , so Lets say that the Mobile weapon platform any it kills don’t drop any of the loot, I was thinking of a mining barge fleet when I start thinking of this.

(Owen Levanth) #8

But they can’t shoot players? And the drones of a mining barge fleet are enough to deal with belt rats, so your MWPs have literally no purpose…

(David Potts) #9

Ya if you like have 10 or more, but there can be a fleet of two too, it for the small time fleets.

(Old Pervert) #10

Eve is a game that is centered around group play. If your group is small, it should not have the same capabilities as a bigger group.

Just one more player providing overwatch (or an alt account even) is enough.

Extreme example:

In our alliance we’ve got a dude with 10 rorqs. He does overwatch with a brick tanked Hel. Unless we have intel saying that there’s a whole lot more than we can handle within jump range, he doesn’t even warp his fleet off… just recalls his excavators and waits for something to try and tackle anything. Then we blob whatever decides to try and fight, if the rorqs haven’t killed it off first with combat drones.

(elitatwo) #11

Your boat is your mobile weapon platform /thread

(Chocolate Pickle) #12

Sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

(David Potts) #13

@ old pervert not all players want to multibox 10 account… what did you think? we all are no life players???

It’s for the small time players really that don’t want to multibox or cant, In my case, I won’t multibox.

(Daichi Yamato) #14

Automation kills the game. The mtu ■■■■■■ salvaging and loot values. This will ■■■■ ratting.

Don’t want to multi box or play with others? Don’t. But you’re not getting a bot to pve for you.

(Sonya Corvinus) #15

You don’t need to multibox. Mine/rat/etc. in a fleet with corp/aliance mates. Assuming you are outside of HS, you should be in a standing fleet 24/7 anyway, just ask someone in fleet/corp/alliance chat to help when you need it.

(Elzon1) #16

So long as it doesn’t help collect bounties.

Perhaps it could be useful for a solo miner that has to deal with battleship rats.

Plant a MTU nearby and you have some additional income aside from mining :slight_smile:

(Old Pervert) #17

First of all:

I never said you HAD to multibox, I said you could. I then provided an example of exactly that.

Fair enough. Small time operations are not as efficient as large operations. Rather than expecting CCP to enable you to be as efficient as a large operation, CCP expects you to either fight the rats with your mining ships, warp off, or reship. Or just get someone to do overwatch.

(system) #18

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