Modern skins for Command Ships

I would like more modern skins for command ships. Skins with effects and vibrant patterns, like the Guerilla skins, Abyssal skins, or any triglavian skins.

Currently the only modern looking skin on the Absolution is the Biosecurity one, but it gets very overused, being on almost every ship in the game. Damnation has the animated Marshlight skin, but some more options would be nice. For Eos and Astarte the only eye-catching one is Inner Zone Vanguard. Sleipnir and Claymore have few modern looking skins (Freedom’s Revolution, Yoiul Festival, Hazard Control, Minmatar Liberation Games) to choose from so its not that big of an issue. For Vulture and Nighthawk the only modern looking skin is Steel Cardinal, the others are just simple recolors.

Many of the t1 variants of these ships have modern skins, so I don’t see why they couldn’t be extended to command ships as well.


I wish skins also had some minor attribute besides looks.

Like 1-2% increase to speed or 1-2% reduction in sig radius or anything really.

Honestly, I think CCP needs to up their skin game in general.

Anyway, check out these skins that players made. Some of them are really good.

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sweet looking skins, those are what this game needs

i need jungle camo for my Catalyst

Tiger Strip camo would look awesome on a ship

@Harley-1998_Davidson here’s a tiger stripped moros from last week:

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