Modules going offline after ship placed in contract


I play with the 3 chars on my account, mostly for PI purposes. I have one epithal that I contract back and forth among the chars.

Recently when I contract the ship ALL of the modules are going offline. Can we go back to what it was before, only the items that couldn’t be used by the pilot went offline?

Thanks in advance!

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If they are all in the same corp give each roles, if you are CEO, to access corp hangars. Drop the epithal in it, to save from creating contracts, and losing money on insurance

They are not in the same corp.

I’ve never noticed all modules turn off when switching… only the unskilled ones

So… first question, why not just get 3 epithals? They’re not expensive.

Second question, why not use a citadel and “deliver” rather than use contracts? It’s free, and WAY easier.


Why can it not go back to the way it was?
Asking me to spend more isk on 2 extra epithal and fits AND getting a citadel is ridiculous - none of those suggestions work in the chars circumstances.

Wasn’t asking you to, was asking why you wouldn’t. As I said epithals are cheap, and citadels are easier even if contracts didn’t offline your modules. If there are no citadels, I’m honestly a little shocked.

Either way, these are “can be done today” kinds of things. Not something you need to wait on CCP to change, assuming they even decide to change them. Shrug.

Yeah this was a nice surprise for me too.

But if you are constantly contracting epithalsbetween chars you’ll be better off buying one for each char. Saves time and isk in the long term.


I have started experiencing this as well when contracting fitted ships between my characters – which, to be honest, I find rather annoying.

So, right to the point, could it be fixed?

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why was this not just submitted as a bug report…

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