Please explain to me the following

Please explain to me the following:

  1. Ability to make a character name that is not searchable cause of the way code works. ( “0 _ 0” actualy character name)
  2. Ability to put citadel offline the moment somebody accepts a currier contract

Thank you

What is the question are you asking if its possible to do those or why its possible to do those?

  1. I don’t know anything about that.
  2. You should still be able to deposit courier contracts even if the citadel is offline. Moreover, offlining a citadel won’t prevent you from docking. That’s tied to access lists and docking rights.
  1. if citadel is abandoned, deploy doesn’t work iirc. But this is not instant. Of course it could have been clever timed to pull off this scam.
  1. Some typed chars can be used in several ways. If you search for “Albert”, you won’t find “AIbert”, because one is written with a capital “i” and the other with a lowercase “L”.
    AFAIK the chars that can be used for toon names are strictly limited (also to avoid problems you showed up), while chars for e.g. ship or container names show a huge variety.