Molden Heath / Krullefor Inquest

I respect your brevity and experience within the Metropoliian Police Service. As I am first to admit, I recognize that the situation in Molden Heath with the Thukker is a bit out of our depth in relation to intricate tribal politics. As things stand, however, our task of disrupting rogue warclone operations in Molden Heath has very much unintentionally crossed into that realm and now we find ourselves a part of this mess.

Personally, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Republic Justice Department officials on the situation and work alongside them to quell the influence of Krullefor and Seykal mercenaries in the area. It would be a relief to have the backing and confidence of Republic forces so we can focus entirely on combating the Krullefor and Seykal without having to worry much about the political ramifications. If anything, the purpose of this inquest is very much to offer an opportunity for RJD and Thukker officials to step forward and take command of the situation.

Realistically, however, the Republic currently has it’s hands full in dealing with the Sundsele Six crisis. Moreover, I’d pressure everyone to remember that this particular ‘imperial foreigner’ was one of the warclones invited by the Thukker to deter criminal and pirate activity in Heath due to the lack of security there in the first place. (Ironic, given the circumstances.)

I don’t mean to insinuate that Republic law is deficient or incompetent, but let’s not pretend that it’s not a well known fact that Molden Heath has remained largely lawless despite the Republic’s best efforts. Given the rumors of armed city ships, rampant civil unrest in the republic, and how deep the links between Molden Heath’s criminal underworld might go I’m personally unwilling to throw my hands in the air and trust that the Republic will eventually get around to investigating this case when we have a potential lead ready to chase.

OK, I spoke hastily and rather too brusquely. I apologise.

You would probably be better off speaking with the regional commander of the Republic Security Services on an official level. The Thukker tribe is not part of the Republic and some of their more creative groups consider that they are not governed by the law even when operating in formal Republic jurisdictions. That tends to mean operations are overseen by the RSS.

Having said that, there will be local jealousies over districts too. Careful who you brief and to what extent. As an outsider this may not make sense to you, I know - but once you’re in the web, so to speak, it’s pretty efficient.

There are also a majority of the Thukker who want to be law-abiding (in their sense of it anyway) and will be willing to work alongside any initiative towards that end. Though many will be deeply wary of being seen to be associated with any sort of identifiable Republic encroachment let alone a ‘foreign mercenary’ force.

Like I said, it’s a nest of hornets and if you want to stick your dangly bits into it and helicopter, be prepared for a degree of hurt.

Finally, don’t get captured. Some of the criminal gangs are believed to have a real treat for clone capable captives involving repeated, forced brain scan transference into a new body after the first one is completely wrecked by torture. Probably a copper’s myth, but your guys don’t want to find out if it’s true.

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This has not been true since New Year’s Day of YC 116.

That’s all seven. Including the Thukker.


Ach, you are right of course. My stupid mistake.

Old prejudices die hard in old ex-cops.

Corovid Industries will assist as we can.

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To relay information dispersed to all interested parties:


If you are reading this message, then you are an individual or part of an organisation that has expressed interest in coordinating in a security inquest regarding the ongoing warclone crisis in Molden Heath perpetuated by the Seykal Clan.

Efforts to curb planetside operations by the Seykal Clan and Krullefor shall be organised from our planetside facility on Bosena IX, District 1, “Terror Maw.” The facility has remained largely unoccupied since the end of the wars of Planetary Conquest in the Heath yet continues to act as our primary planetary headquarters due to its close proximity to Teonusude and its history as the founding site of the Bosena Accords. I would encourage any and all weapons, equipment, and materials be directed there accordingly and any orbital infrastructure be positioned with Terror Maw in mind.

From this location, I aim to invite various indigenous tribal leaders and Republican representatives to join us in a join summit on the Seykal, Krullefor, their connection to the Thukker clan, and what is to be done about the ongoing crisis. Physical attendance is not required, but please consider providing a list of times over the next several days that you might be available to participate in open negotiations.


Galm Eskola-Fae
Chief Arbiter
Bosena Accords, Avalon

A special thanks to the following organizations who have expressed an early interest in participating in the Inquest, including:

Aloga Industries
Corovid Industries
Clan Idisen
Electus Matari

I would also wish to give my thanks to the Ushra’Khan who, while focused on more pressing matters related to their goals of liberation, have remained steadfast friends and provided much needed guidance in navigating the political landscape of Molden Heath. I would also wish to give my personal thanks to Haru’kai Vidaraltyr for his insight into the criminal threats present in the Heath.


Well, thank you for the kind words.

I’ll look up some old colleagues still in the Met and see if I can get you an up-to-date overview of the criminal landscape. My operational knowledge is a few years’ out of date, though the key crime families don’t change leadership quickly.

If I turn up anything useful, I’ll be in touch.

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Once again, I’d like to forward along our correspondence for public release:


Thank you for your assistance in coordinating our efforts in Molden Heath. The Bosena Accords will continue regular anti-smuggling operations planetside as we finalize our plans for the Security Inquest. Based on everyone’s response, I have determined that the best time for a joint meeting will be on the 19th beginning at 0000 EVE Time. The conference will include statements from Republican officials, local informants, and our operatives before officially presenting a series of proposals focused on determining a unified response to the crisis in Molden Heath.

Due to different schedules, this presentation will be transcribed and forwarded to all inquest members who cannot be in attendence and a 24 hour window will be given for all participants to respond via GalNet.

Moitte, I look forward to seeing each of you in one week’s time.

A special thanks to @Cain_Aloga for the logistical support in hosting a citadel in orbit above Bosena IX. This installation will provide a safe staging area and central hub for coordinating our efforts as we rotate between planetside operations in Terror Maw and our goals in space.

We will continue our planetary raids and intelligence gathering until the Inquest. While we do not anticipate that these minor raids will pose a significant threat to Krullefor and the Seykal clan’s profits, we are confident that by launching routine strikes over a wide area we can obstruct them enough to stall their growth in the Heath until a unified response can be formulated.

Additional thanks to @KnightGuard_Fury, Warden of Avalon, for using his deep ties to the Republic to issue a formal statement on our behalf.


Aloga Industries is dedicated to the security and economic improvement of the Republic. Supporting efforts to combat illicit trade and piracy activities is nothing more than a duty to achieve our goals. I, and Clan Aloga are grateful for the opportunity to support this initiative. It is our hope that the Citadel in orbit above Bosena IX serves its purpose admirably and becomes a beacon for the region.

Cain of Clan Aloga,
Founder of Aloga Industries.


For those of us traveling from different regions of space, would this be 0000 as in the very first minute of Friday the 19th?

(( For those of us in USTZ, 0000 on the 19th would be 8 PM on the 18th or earlier. Clarify if this is correct please? ))

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Thank you for your question. To clarify, yes, the meeting will begin starting on the first minute of Monday the 19th.

For those of you unable to make this, I will host a live remedial round-up session later that evening 24 hours following before finalizing a joint resolution. If you are unable to attend, I will draft a memo in advance detailing the core points we intend to cover in the meeting and am willing to present a drafted response on any party’s behalf.


The security inquest is set to begin at the top of the hour. Following a momentary procession, we will begin deliberating on the ongoing crisis in Molden Heath and review the best course of action for combating the threats that face the region. Following this initial summit, a statement will be published and disseminated to our key stakeholders for a 24 hour hold.

During this time, attendees not present at the meeting will be permitted to respond to the statement with their individual input before a second round of documentation is produced that incorporates all feedback presented at the meeting.

Once finalized documentation has been formulated, a vote will be held to ratify the resolution by each member of the security summit before posting it in this channel.

Krullefor and Seykal activity remains quiet, though anonymous tips have been filed by locals likely in an attempt to intimidate participants in the summit into inaction. Speaking on behalf of the Bosena Accords I can assure you, we will not be deterred and we will continue to work in tandem with our capsuleer allies until we can resolve the smuggling crisis planetside.


Some worrying information pertaining to the recent leak of this inquest. All the more disappointed I did not attend; I’d have quite liked to raise these concerns in private in the hopes that Bosena Accords would consider an alternative view. Let’s begin, shall we?

As with the Syndicate, one cannot conduct smuggling or black market operations within their own sovereignty. It only becomes such once the product of such trade breaches international borders. If you wish to preclude that the Thukker Tribe have sanctioned these smuggling rings within the jurisdictions you yourself describe as settled by the Thukker, then it isn’t much smuggling, is it? One could argue that the Thukker welcoming independent mercenaries to the planets could be tacitly relinquishing the these jurisdictions from the Tribe, but a landlord does not a tenat make.

As I have recently experienced in my interactions with the Minmatar, if it’s questionable, best to leave it alone.

Oh, but you haven’t told the whole story, Mister Eskola-Fae. The Thukker had a clean plan of action in reducing Angel Cartel activity. Of which there is an important distinction to make, one may argue. The definitions of piracy are nebulous and vague, subjective to who views through the lens. If the smuggling activity is sanctioned by the Thukker, and they are sovereign holders in the region, then again, it isn’t piracy.

So then you would deny a Republic Tribe their right of sovereignty on behalf of the Republic? Now that is an egregious overstep, Mister Eskola-Fae.

I’ll be making a separate statement very soon in light of this recent leak, Galm. Rest assured, it will not be favorable of Bosena Accords.

EDIT: After further consideration, I believe I’ll let you discover this all for yourself.

The leak you are referencing comes from an internal memo that summarizes the key points discussed in the security inquest without any additional context included, and rest assured the context shared within the Inquest is essential to understanding the proposed statement. It should not be taken as final documentation, or as an official statement.

There’s a famous saying from Caldari Prime called “losing the forest in the trees.” Rather than getting pedantic on what constitutes “smuggling” I would suggest you instead focus on the real-world impact that Seykal and Krullefor smuggling has had in the area. Everyone that was a part of the security inquest understands the brutality that both organisations are capable of, and the danger posed by the implication that the Thukker clan is looking the other way on their activity while Republic citizens are left to suffer for it.

The Seykal and Krullefor are running rampant across Molden Heath, largely unchecked by Thukker officials. Were this in a region entirely under complete command of the Thukker that would be one thing, but the Heath occupies a messy area in terms of Thukker-Republic law. Just because the Thukker may be content to ignore the issue doesn’t mean that the Republic or the indigenous tribes of the Heath should suffer for it. While the RJD may lack the resources to tackle this issue presently we are in a unique position with the warclone community’s de jure claims on Molden Heath, allowing us an opportunity as private citizens to cooperate for the betterment of the region without encroaching on already-settled Thukker territory. Warclone districts were uninhabited prior to the wars for planetary conquest, and are ripe for pioneering now. This will not only solve much of the lawlessness present in the Heath but offers opportunities for all clans including the Thukker to benefit from this project and the resources offered by allied Matari capsuleer groups.

Having spoken to members of the Minmatar capsuleer community and experts in tribal law, we believe that while our plan is unorthodox we are within our legal right to relinquish administrative control so long as we are returning that control back to Thukker and Republican citizens. Furthermore, our agreement to act as peacekeepers in the area until rule of law can be established on these colonies should more than fulfill our commitments to the Thukker tribe to act as a deterrent against local pirates. These are long conversations that, understandably, were not covered in a one-page memo leaked to the press. I give my assurance to any concerned Minmatar citizens or officials that this is an evolving plan still very much in development and we are open to advice, guidance, and criticism.

Which brings me to my next point…

Again, this point lies entirely on you taking an internal memo with no context as law. One of the key points discussed at length between Electus Matari and clan leaders within the inquest was how best to balance tribal territory and settlement rights in this project to benefit all people of the Thukker and the Republic fairly.

This is a topic outside of my depth as a foreigner to the region, which was why a large coalition of clan leaders (including several Thukker representatives) have been brought to the table to collaborate together and reach an agreement together. We very specifically reached out to several Matari organisations with key roles in the Republic as we knew we were facing an insurmountable challenge alone and that we would need experts in the region to guide the project once initial agreements are struck between clans and supporting industries. The Electus Matari, for their part, shall act as moderators and our close partners in coordinating settlement efforts between clans.

I’m sure the people of the Republic are waiting with baited breath for the statement of an Intaki foreigner brandishing their opinions based on a leaked memo with no context as a part of an inquest that they were not invited to. Especially when said foreigner is acting offended on behalf of parties who were already present and helped formulate this strategy.


Clever ruse, Eskola-Fae. Clever ruse indeed.

I can’t speak for what happened in talks with Electus Matari, but I can confirm that Corovid Industries Co-Chair Shorai Aikyoraan Ramijozana and Clan Chief Tiama Ramijozana both independently described to me a dialogue that took place during the summit, at which point Chief Tiama raised concerns regarding Matari politics and social implications around both the Thukker Tribe and the proposed redevelopment of Molden Heath.

Rest assured that these matters will be handled in process, and that there are, and will continue to be, Matari involved with them.

I’ve asked Chief Tiama to write a statement for me to publish on her behalf.


How about you both get your noses the hell out of Matari affairs.

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Already done. I admit, I let my hatred of the Bosena Accords and their CONCORD boot-licks get the better of me. So much so that I missed an obvious trap.

It won’t happen again.


I can understand your sentiment. In fact it’s become perfectly obvious that the warclone diaspora is deeply in over our heads when it comes to resolving this conflict, which is why I have taken steps to involve the Matari community extremely closely in this process.

We didn’t seek to stick our noses into Matari affairs, but rather fell arse-over-teakettle into it during what we expected to be a routine raid against rogue warlords in the region as a part of the Bosena Accords core mission of monitoring the warclone community. Once the extent of Krullefor and Seykal influence was uncovered however, it would have been irresponsible and a disservice to the people of the Heath to just leave well enough alone and ignore the problem. Especially when, if our theory that they are using warclone territory is true, we are at least partially responsible.

Rest assured, however, my time in the region has helped foster a kinship with the people of the Heath. I want what is best for the people that I have shared a home with over the last several years, and I am willing to pull the Bosena Accords back and out of the spotlight to make room for Matari leadership in this project once settlement efforts have started.

I understand the importance of keeping the destiny of the Matari in the hands of the Matari, and the nuance involved in that.


I see a whole lot of foreign claptrap to justify ‘we’re going to keep meddling until we decide the Matari aren’t incompetent children and can do things to our satisfaction’.