Molden Heath / Krullefor Inquest

If I may shed some light on this specific point as there seems to be a large amount of confusion even among those who were not present for the talks held on the 19th. Moreover, I would like to be given the chance to explain myself to our Warden so he can understand my reasoning when forming this plan and assure him that his willingness to give me a fair amount of independent leeway on projects outside of the Bosena Accords day to day operations is not unfounded.

There are no plans, nor have there ever been, in meddling in the affairs and administration of existing Matari settlements regardless of tribe or planet. I believe that this is an easy misunderstanding to make, and stems from a lack of understanding for most people about the specific details of warclone soverignty in Molden Heath. The planetary districts set aside for warclones in the Heath were undeveloped and unsettled, thus were offered to warclones for pioneering. Owning full control of all the designated planetary districts on a habitable planet did not mean that a warclone corporations “owned” an entire planet and had administative control of all the peoples there, only that they controlled all of the available space set aside to warclones for development. As planetside warclone activity has mostly died down since YC118, these regions are now once again largely unoccupied amd ripe for resettlement; this time for Matari citizens rather than outside mercenaries.

I believe that, if anything, this is more fair and less imperialistic than having these regions continue to be administered by a largely uninterested warclone diaspora. All the same, creating new Minmatar settlements and self-governing colonies is a far cry from meddling in existing local jurisdictions. There was never any intention for this project to impact prior existing colonies already established in the Heath in non-warclone areas.


You keep saying that we who frequent the IGS are “taking things out of context” or “misunderstanding” the situation - if that’s the case, you have an obligation to provide that context and understanding. Instead, all you have done since the inquest is hand-wave the situation as being “messy” and complex, and that you presume to not involve yourself in the affairs of the Republic or the Thukker under the guise of this being an issue of warclone affairs. Yet, in doing so, you assume that the jurisdiction of said settlements have not been reclaimed by the Minmatar, and that they are just detritus and ruin free for meddling You haven’t provided any concrete evidence at all that you know where to even focus your efforts.

Even if the latter case of this being a warclone affair is true (though I don’t think it is considering how quick you were to point me out as an ‘outsider’, ironic as that may be), on what authority do you have to interfere in warclone affairs at all besides those you have preordained for yourself and self-legitimized through the handful of associates who inflate your ego? You certainly didn’t invite Icarus Conflict Solutions to the table and I don’t see any other infantry organizations involved; why do you think this is at all acceptable?

Perhaps than rather than incessantly whining to no end to delegitimize our efforts out of nothing more than your personal vendetta towards us like a petulant child you should, I don’t know, wait until a formal statement is actually issued by the inquest and trust that the matari organisations that we have assembled have already helped us consider many of the points raised here. I understand that you are so eager to discount our efforts but at this point the amount you are willing to write off the work ahead of us and our efforts henceforth is just as offensive to the multiple matari organisations that are taking an equal role in solving the Molden Heath smuggling crisis as to the Bosena Accords. By insisting that we are somehow manipulating the Matari people or have no right to working towards solving the smuggling crisis, you are now devaluing the agency of those Minmatar citizens that have also put a significant amount of effort into assisting us.

I will, of course, always be willing to assuage the concerns of matari groups that might not be up-to-date on talks that concern matari matters and invite them to participate in the Inquest themselves to gain insight into some of the topics we have previously discussed. But I will not continue to entertain whining from the peanut gallery that has already openly admitted to having only joined this thread to antagonize us out of “hatred of the Bosena Accords and their CONCORD boot-licks.”

You do understand that while we maintain a small corporate element to manage our infrastructure the Bosena Accords is first and foremost a union and not a corporation or vertically-integrated infantry organisation, right? It seems like you’re placing the Bosena Accords on par with a single entity like Icarus when in reality the Bosena Accords is a loose syndicalist union that includes members from every major empire. We host signatories from the Intaki Liberation Front, various matari clans, Caldari PMCs, and dozens of other infantry organisations. All of these organisations have members that have agreed to ratify the Bosena Accords charter in exchange for representation in the Round Table Assembly and access to our shared resources.

Icarus Conflict Solutions was repeatedly offered signatory status and the right to participate in the Round Table Assembly as a part of the Bosena Accords in exchange for them agreeing to our union charter, which Icarus repeatedly refused.

You don’t get to refuse to abide by our union charter but then demand union representation.

At this point, Icarus has attempted to derail this Inquest and delegitimize our efforts enough that I feel a disproportionate amount of effort is being spent explaining things that should be evident to anyone else involved in the matter. If you have further personal gripes with the Accords you can feel free to ping me in the off-topic thread where I can promptly ignore you, but beyond that I don’t feel much need to interact further. Doing so just limits the conversation to your talking points and shifts the narrative away from tending to the crisis at hand.


Mr Eskola-Fae

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with the details of this? I’m happy to receive this by mail.

This may be a legacy agreement still in place from before the retirement of our previous Suresha, but I can confirm there has been no ILF attendance to any meetings for a number of years now.

Thank you in advance.

Suresha | Intaki Liberation Front

Icarus Conflict Solutions, under my leadership, has never been offered an application to become a signatory of the Bosena Accords. I will not stand for these fabrications and allow you to dictate the future of warclones as you see fit.

It isn’t derailing when you and your ilk directly call it a warclone affair but then make no effort to involve the voices of warclone organizations outside your little clique. Rest assured, the disenfranchised and “rogue” warclones have a voice; Icarus Conflict Solutions will not allow Bosena Accords to dictate that voice. By your own admission you would ignore that voice and our say in the matters regarding Molden Heath, despite attempts for non-violent resolution. Your aggression speaks volumes and it’s at this point we have no choice but to become involved in the defense of those who you would espouse to dissuade and remove agency from.

Expect us, Galm Eskola-Fae. Expect us very soon.

If by that you mean we haven’t delivered a vanilla scented invitation on a gold platter to you with a white glove then maybe so but the Bosena Accords has routinely encouraged all members of the mercenary community to come together under our charter and have been incredibly vocal about this.

Gods and spirits, I don’t even need to reach that far back to provide an example. From the very start of the crisis on Intaki we offered the following invitation very clearly in reference to Icarus’s involvement and I quote:

(I)f you are an independent warclone acting on behalf of Mordu’s Legion or otherwise supporting the Intaki people go nuts. We’d be happy to extend our support and services.

I’m certain that if this is insufficent evidence then I can reach back for prior examples where Icarus has been given ample opportunities to join the fold and have instead chosen to be antagonistic towards the Accords.

I’m quaking in my tritanium boots. Grow up, Amadi.

If your veiled threats are anything more than saber-rattling and you somehow mean to imply that you intend to attack the infrastructure assembled in support of our operations in Molden Heath then congratulations, those facilities are all put in place and supported by our Matari partners in the region.

If you truly feel the need to destroy them in a temper tantrum all you’ll succeed in doing is making a massive arse of yourself and prove to the cluster that this is far more about your own ego rather than our policies or any genuine care for the Matari people, and that you are willing to endanger Matari civilians and tread over projects made with the Matari community to benifit the matari people just to prove a point, you absolute child.

Now can we please move on to actually un-frakking the Heath instead of making this The Amadi Show?

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This has nothing to do with the Matari, and trying to use them as a shield for your own actions shows your cowardice.

Maker’s sake, could you take this pissing match elsewhere? It’s evident you aren’t here to discuss Molden Heath, but instead antagonise Galm. In the interest of facilitating productive conversation, as well as providing a place for ventilation, I will produce a thread that will allow you to hash it out on your own terms, away from the room where the organisation of a chaotic territory is taking place.

Whether or not you want to take me up on this offer and go there to discuss - however kindly or unkindly you please - your grievances with Galm Eskola-Fae is up to you. Just know I’m offering it as a third unaffiliated party, with the interest of moving things along.


[[ Withdrawing from this entirely due to OOC concerns. ]]

I apologize for the tardiness of this post, especially as it seems it was highly warranted sooner. I’m traveling at the moment and have intentionally limited my GalNet access.

Statement from Clan Chief Tiama Ramijozana:

Clan Ramijozana has been operating in Molden Heath through Corovid Industries, the clan’s industrial concern, for the better part of a year. We are not natives to the area, but we have borne witness to the growth, or lack thereof, of the region over that time.

Molden Heath is full of opportunity, especially now that Angel Cartel activity has died down to a distant hum, relatively speaking. We met the news of the Seykal Clan’s alleged smuggling with furrowed brows.

I had the honor of attending the Molden Heath Security Summit on the 19th. While I was concerned about some remarks regarding tribal sovereignty and the resettlement of Molden Heath, I did find that these concerns were adequately addressed by the simple act of backing off of heated language and pledges on the part of the Bosena Accords on this topic. I was especially impressed with Mr. Eskola-Fae’s openness and comport as the face of this inquest.

Having been the only Tribal citizen to attend and offer constructive criticisms in person, I wish to present my fellow Matari with one request: that we all give this a chance. The Accords have been residents of Molden Heath for some time, and while many or most of them may not be Matari themselves, they are as familiar with the region’s current troubles as any of us. More than many of us who have neglected Molden Heath, indeed.

Who of us stepped forth to curb the smuggling before the Accords spoke up? Not a one, myself included. Then from where do we derive the right to berate these “foreigners” for their necessary actions? From our race? When we do this, sisters and brothers, we become no better than our historic foes. We encourage a slippery slope that benefits no one but harms us all.

Therefore, I offer my full support, as well as the support of Clan Ramijozana of Mikramurka, to Galm Eskola-Fae and the Bosena Accords. I also encourage my brethren to do the same. Express your skepticism, for certain, as the Accords will need guidance to navigate the turbulent waters that are this Republic’s current politics. But allow them to proceed, and offer your criticisms from a place of positive intent, of confidence in their motives and means.

To Chief Arbiter Eskola-Fae I offer an open line of communication should the need for my assistance arise. The fastest means of reaching me would likely be through my adopted son and your peer, Shorai Aikyoraan Ramijozana.

And to my siblings I express a wish for cooperation among us all, regardless of who is of which tribe and which tribe lives where. Our Republic is designed for moments such as this: When one stumbles, the others offer their strength.

In brightest hope,
Tiama Ramijozana
Chief, Clan Ramijozana
Ramijanawa, Mikramurka, Matar, Minmatar Republic

I will add that I also support Mr. Eskola-Fae’s initiatives, as recommended by my clan chief. I was not present at the meeting myself, but I have read over the communiques and will continue to offer resources where needed. Whether you were able to attend or not, I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Corovid Industries is hereby recommitting to the establishment of a trade hub in Molden Heath. We will announce our next steps and long-term plans in the coming weeks.

Melisma Ramijozana
Co-Chair, Corovid Industries
Shorai Aikyoraan Ramijozana
Co-Chair, Corovid Industries


Sorry for being late to this… ■■■■ show of a conversation and yes that exactly what is it but, If anyone’s concerns are that Dire, please take it up with me personally as I know emotions tend to raise high when certain people discuss or argue about any given topic.

to reiterate on some things,

We aren’t excluding anyone in anyway possible. We have arranged meetings for those interested and even if you’re late to the discussions you can still join in as long as you’ve appropriately talked it out with us at some point, so don’t go blaming my members if you feel that we aren’t openly inviting everyone or you feel like you need to be special and invited personally.

Also, If you have a history of being antagonistic, purposefully rude or disagreeing, or have a habit of getting in arguments solely due to a member in our organization It’ll be pretty obvious why we won’t want to associate with any particular person or group that is like that especially as I don’t condone that type of behavior and will immediately dismiss anyone if they’re behaving as such.

And as for the ‘Warclone affairs’ that i mentioned, I can slightly see you’re reasoning for what you’re saying, but at the same time we are also based in the region so any conflicts or problems that occur there are also our problems and conflicts that we deal with accordingly, some more or less publicly than others. this one in particular being due to escalating Pirate activities in addition to the involved Warclones. As mentioned, anyone can come by and help if they’re willing but were here in the middle of it so it makes reasonable sense to deal with the situation.

I know the argument is over but I felt the need to say this. as for the matter at hand, please, lets just have a more reasonable and formal discussion about the matter. And before I forget, Thank you @Melisma_Ramijozana for showing support and helping out. Its very much appreciated, likewise for everyone else who is willingly involving themselves.

KnightGuard Fury
Warden of Bosena Accords
Matari representative of the Accords


To tread very lightly here:

Electus Matari (and Unitas Nusquam Est) is an independent capsuleer organization. While we did co-operate with a sister organization when orbital involvement for capsuleers was still in effect, our operations at the moment are those of independent capsuleers. Our interest in these discussions is in the potential development of anti-criminal operations and revitalization efforts in space that we could conceivably render support to. We have no interest as an organization in planetside operations in Republic space, certainly not without a direct request from the government. Nor do we wish to see Molden Heath to become a theater for conflicts between warclones - or any other non-tribal party.

(As to my clan, Rhiannon is a planetside Mikramurka legal and trade clan with little interest off planet, let alone off region.)

Elsebeth Rhiannon


Within reason we believe Krullefor and Seykal operate within the previous warzones, Away from any known populations. what I said was more in line to If they had something going on within the other districts and planets, but I don’t think that would actually be the case.

Also to note that we are not intending on waging a full on war by any means. We simply want to suppress or push back their areas of operation and let them know we wont tolerate what they are currently doing.

so far I’ve found a few drug laboratories myself and have had my people swiftly deal with them. some are harder to detect than others but continues effort is taking place. At a later date Ill be exploring the null regions for further investigations.

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To lend my voice to the topic of capsuleer involvement; you’ll have to forgive me as I am understandably not as well versed in specific capsuleer policies. However, to my understanding, capsuleers are allowed limited planetary interaction under CONCORD legislation to establish planetary colonies.

While I understand many capsuleer organisations may well be wary of having direct involvement on the ground and with directly administering colonies, they thankfully wouldn’t have to in order to support our ambitions planetside. Encouraging mass settlement in the Heath needn’t be any more complicated than establishing capsuleer-owned planetary facilities and encourage Republic citizens to seek work on these facilities in exchange for a fair wage and financial support for any employees seeking to homestead these areas.

The overhead cost of offering these jobs and benefits to baseliners is negligible and does nothing to meddle with the internal affairs of the Republic. Meanwhile, the warclone community in Molden Heath under the stewardship of the Bosena Accords could simply purposefully decline to press claims on any settlers or planetary facilities that just happen to occupy warclone territory until an agreement can be struck with tribal authorities within the Republic to reabsorb the territories once their is a suitably large enough population of Republic citizens.

This seems like a straightforward and organic way to provide capsuleer support and encourage settlement without disrupting the political climate of the Heath. More importantly, it plays into the legal structure already afforded to warclones and capsuleers in the area.



Be advised that the initial resolution has been drafted, and is open for public input before ratification. It reads as follows:


WHEREAS Smuggling operations carried out by the Seykal clan and Krullefor Organization continue to pose a significant threat to the long term stability of Molden Heath

WHEREAS Initial raids against Seykal-Krullefor operations have revealed that key rallying points for Seykal-Krullefor operations exist in areas previously under warclone jurisdiction

WHEREAS the wider warclone community, under the Bosena Accords, has confirmed that there is little to no interest among warclones to continue to administer these districts provided for settlement by the Thukker clan and will instead continue to pivot their operations towards the establishment of Avalon

WHEREAS a greater population of Republican citizens in the region will give the Republic Justice Department and other law-enforcement agencies within the Republic a greater foothold in Molden Heath to combat the growing Seykal-Krullefor influence, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that a joint coalition of hereto assembled organizations and clans shall collaborate towards the support and establishment of planetary colonies across Molden Heath in formerly warclone-controlled districts while offering financial incentives and homesteads for citizens of the Minmatar Republic who choose to pioneer the area.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Bosena Accords, acting on behalf of the greater warclone community in Molden Heath and the Round Table Assembly, shall not press claims on any planetary colonies occupying warclone territories and shall provide defense for planetary colonies established in warclone-controlled districts until such a time that an agreement can be reached with the Minmatar Republic for direct administration and annexation of these colonies.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in exchange for hosting and defending these colonies, the Bosena Accords and the warclone community will receive nominal support toward Project Avalon so long as Project Avalon continues to adhere to CONCORD restrictions and Republic law while remaining respectful toward the sovereignty of the Minmatar Republic.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all parties affirm that the continued freedom, agency, and self-determination of the Matari people must remain at the forefront of this project and that Matari organizations and voices be favored and elevated to leadership roles throughout settlement and colonization efforts.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Republic officials remain the final say and authority in this project, and any advice or direction from Republic officials in relation to this project shall be followed immediately to the best of our ability.


Galm Eskola-Fae
Chief Arbiter, Bosena Accords

I will answer this in more private first.

These are Thukkers your talking about. They’re not all rational! to the soft bellied Republic residents. They care little for the Republic(it is a means to an end) or the perceptions of smuggling, piracy, and other criminal operations. They are the last chance to free our people as the other Tribes engage in tongue wagging with each other. Its good to see you wanting to protect the residents of your home systems, I wish you luck.

The Thukker are Republic citizens, have been since YC111, and they sit on the Tribal Council. As you very well know. And yes, I know a bunch of you do not like it much. Trust me, there’s fools in every tribe who think their so-called “independence” (read: not entering into binding agreements on inter-tribal manners) is more important than a unified defense against the Enemy.

What, you consider Pol Macsliebh not such a fool? What a conincidence, so did I… Maybe if you despise “tongue wagging at each other” so much, you might consider not doing it yourself, eh, brother? :wink:


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We’re not always rational Else :slight_smile: Yes Thukkers are part of the Republic, but as we have seen from there actions of late, they dont care too much. Were we differ slightly is I see a unified “attack” against our enemies as more important than a defense. We have waited to long, and your words and others words among the tirbes I have never considered as tongue wagging or despised them, but they are falling on deaf ears within the Republic and ignored by our enemies.

But you are correct direct action is always better, i’ll be quiet now


I did not ask you to be quiet - merely to maybe consider that if it annoys you how the tribes bicker endlessly and are not capable of a unified action, adding to it “well we Thukker don’t give a ■■■■ about the rest of you anyway” probably does not solve anything.

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