[Molden Heath News Network] Hundreds Of Dead Found On Larkugei IV


ERADA - Local authorities have released a statement in order to put to rest rumors of an ongoing anti-terrorist operation as a reason for the massive police operation that started early this morning, that has seen a steady flow of emergency vehicle and biohazard hauler traffic to and from the scene for several hours.

In the short statement issued, the authorities revealed that the police operation was actually caused by the discovery of “at least a few hundred” corpses inside an abandoned warehouse just outside the city limits of Entkio. As the situation is still ongoing, the authorities have no further information to give for the time being and urge citizens to stay away from the area for public health reasons, as well as in order not to impede the investigation.

More news on this as the situation develops.


Further Details Emerge On The Horrific Discovery Made On Larkugei IV

ERADA - Further information has been released regarding the discovery of a large number of dead bodies near Entkio on Larkugei IV.

A new statement released by the Entkio Police Department investigating the case remains sparse in details, but according to the statement from the police, initial findings suggest that majority of the victims are adult males; their causes of death remain unknown at this time. Due to the large number of victims, currently confirmed to be 436, EPD is combining its efforts with the police departments of the entire region of Jarven in order to investigate the incident as thoroughly as possible.


Entkio Police: “No Crime Presently Suspected” In The Larkugei Mass Death Incident

ERADA - Local authorities have shed light in a joint statement on some of the questions arisen from the shocking news broken yesterday about a large number of dead bodies found inside an abandoned warehouse.

The warehouse in question was used to strore agricultural products in the past, but has been abandoned for around a decade. The warehouse was located reasonably close to residential areas but still “out of the way”. The initial discovery of the bodies was made by city workers investigating complaints of an increasingly foul smell and a sudden sharp rise in the population of rodents and other pests in the local area.

Corroborating the information released yesterday, almost all the victims are found to be male adults with around ten female adults, all victims approximately between 25-70 years old. The state of the bodies when discovered has hampered further identification efforts.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the Entkio Police Department has stated that the deaths do not appear to have any links to organised crime nor to be the work of a prolific serial killer, though neither has not been ruled out completely and all lines of investigation remain open. Right now the largest efforts are focused on identifying the victims and the exact causes and times of their death.


Larkugei IV Incident Declared A Mass Suicide

ERADA - Entkio Police came out with a statement this morning where they announced that the 436 dead people found nearly a week ago in Larkugei IV appear to have committed mass suicide based on evidence gathered from the scene and the results of forensic investigations.

Confirming the identities of all victims is still ongoing, but so far identified persons have been known to the police and other authorities previously as vagrants or other undesirables (e.g. people expelled because of their negatively perceived Voluval marks from more conservative Clans) of various backgrounds, but a particular demographic - people of Nefantar descent appear currently to make up around two thirds of the victims.

The police will soon start informing known relatives - if they have any - of the so far identified deceased.


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