Molea solar system Cemetery

Bravo. You deleted my main topic-answering post and ‘just edited’ that off-topic one with Nazi-cat.

I think I’m done trying to let you know what is morale.
Feel free to :poop:

I had too add it:
ISD Dorrim Barstorlode You are ‘great equalizer’ you know…

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Don’t know if it is inexperience, a language issue, or a cultural difference, but you stepped right up to (and sometimes across) a certain line. The use of RIP should have tipped you off about the cemetary; certain symbols or letters are nearly universally recognized, but even then you went further in your post to ask someone if they were in the SS.:unamused:

Let’s just attribute your actions and reactions to inexperience, as well as cultural and language issues. Let’s all move on. We’re all here just trying to play a game.


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