Monocle Activation

(Wavemistress Moidel) #1

How do you activate the monocle so your able to wear it? Tried right clicking no options given, been into character creation its not in body mods or any of the other sections given. Any help would be appreciated thank you. Or is it purely given just to sit in the station hanger?

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(Scoots Choco) #2


It’s in the Clothes section under Eyewear.

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(Wavemistress Moidel) #3

Many thanks. bow o7 For some reason did not look in clothes section probably because i see the monocle as a piece of jewelry. Once again many thanks.

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(Rocket Hellfire) #4

^ ^ v v < > < > B A Start

(Boom Boom Longtime) #5

So cute and congrats on sporting a monocle and elevating yourself above the common clay and peasantry :slight_smile:

(Commander Kane) #6

While above the common peasantry… they still don’t have a gold monocle. One day I will decide to put mine back on again.