Monocle Club New Edens least exclusive of clubs, a further state of d

On this 2nd occasion I make declaration of the immediate causes which induce and justify the secession of membership from the Monocle Club of esteemed members.

Dated by 13/12/19

I. Brewlar Kuvakei tender my resignation from the monocle club & advertise my membership of a new club entitled The Monocle Committee. I do so due to the admittance of non monocle wearing members into the original club.

I hereby advertise to all monocle wearers that they are applicable to the committee by way of eve mail to myself or any other administrator of new Edens most exclusive of clubs where upon they will face expulsion when not prescribing to the dress code, members must be wearing a monocle.

On this occasion I must insist that monocle means monocle, I am now moving to form a party of members to support me in gaining administration rights over the original club house so that this never, ever happens again.


I feel like this belongs in the roleplay section where no one cares.


No one has cared about any part of the forum since they replaced the old one so your point is moot.

Also has anyone noticed the most trash like of players are always seen wearing Triglavian coveralls? When I see Triglav clothes, I think space hobo every time even on you Scoots, toots.

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Moot. Your point is Moot.

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Thank you sir, you should be wearing an eye piece.

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I support this worthy cause.

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No monocle no admission to the club. Lose your monocle lose your status. No plebs allowed.

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Hasn’t this already happened like a year ago or something? I feel as am having a déjà vu :thinking:


I’m waiting for the Christmas palm for funds campaign, to buy gold eye pieces.

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Just like the thieves who come out in droves flying a Gila during events.



I’m going to start the BIG EAR club. Can join only if you have a BIG EAR. Better step up your game little ear people.

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Back when big piles of ISK weren’t as easy to make.

No I meant the same guy (OP) posting a similar thread where he left the monocle club because people were allowed who didn’t wear monocle but a week or so later he returned. I am too lazy to look up his posting history.

This one?

Typed “Kuvakei monocle” in the search at the top right,
next to “Dev Posts”.

Yup that’s it. Thanks.

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They’re the eve version of those skull-face masks that try-hard antifas wear.

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I’m proud to be an enemy of nazism

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