Monthly Economic Report - April 2019

Because Delve is a region where Goonswarm and their friends live and which is the biggest and arguably the best organised when it comes to protect its members.
And being in such a well protected place ( IF YOU DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY) you can do whatever you want and get rich like in your wildest dreams and have everything you ever wished for in this game.
Also, they are arguably the most hated confederation in this game because we like to make out own content by invading/pvp-ing with anyone and anywhere.

Still love these information excerpts. Like how Dead Co. has 1/4th membership numbers of Imperium but killed 80% as much NPCs and got half as much income (overall twice per head). I wonder if that is the sign of VNI-infested space - they kill way more rats with lower bounty?..

Above all else why everything in the sandbox maters.


Delay local FFS, the last of CCP needs to grab a f’ng spine before they get the boot like all their mates.

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Is there any way to break out numbers on Abyss?

In the scheme of things it looks like it is just rolled up regionally, it would be great to see it by type, destruction etc.

Maybe it is %.0001 of “Other”…

Is there a particular way to sort out what is coming from and dying in abyssal deadspace or are the abyssal deadspace statistics tied to each region from where a filament is opened?

As a citizen of highsec you get punished for living there by BloBB Raider or BloBB-ristas for undocking or violated for attempting to figure mining in an asteroid belt.

I mean you do agree to pvp when you un-tether or un-dock but you only agree to pvp by another person not a machine.
Yet you will now be hunted, killed, tared and feathered by an unrelentless machine, punishing you for un-docking or un-tethering in highsec where CCP orders you, that you must live in low- or nullsec or w-space.
Dare not to live in low, null or unknown-sec and be punished by the environment as CCP by proxy.

mining and production droped alot, destruction is somewhat stable, good news. Now all we need is a major war to profit from the spoils :smiley:
Also a significant reduction in Bounty faucet is good.
As for the dead line in isk velocity i blame plex prices

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Players resubbing is a form of isk creation, and players dropping out is a form of isk destruction, aren’t they? It would be nice if this report could indicate value of assets+isk according to time since last login, for example.

Resubbing in not an activity that generates ISK by itself. Since the inception of Alpha accounts there is no dropping out either, unless banned and banned accounts’ ISK and other changes by GM intervention are shown in faucet/sink graph.

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