Monthly Economic Report - August 2018


(Teckos Pech) #41

So out of curiosity I went to the data.

So I added up the number of people who live in the North and are ostensibly allied and whom Goons are currently fighting. I got 38,828 pilots from Dotlan.

I also added up all the ratting and mining value in the regions they live.

Pilots: 38,828
NPC Bounties: 13,136,940,797,385
Mining Value: 4,354,431,951,600
Total: 17,491,372,748,985

Now compare this to Delve…

Pilots: 41,283
NPC Bounties: 7,031,841,073,422
Mining Value: 11,443,037,583,630
Total: 18,474,878,657,052

So the group with more pilots jammed into one region is why we see the “shocking” numbers in Delve. But the truth is that Delve is not really the problem as much as PL, NC. and the rest who live in the north. In the north the average pilot is earning 450 million ISK whereas in Delve it is 447 million ISK. The average northern pilot is earning 1% more.

Nerf the North. :stuck_out_tongue:

Monthly Economic Report - November 2018
(Chutlanin) #42

Where is september and october MER?

(Rivr Luzade) #43

CCP’s probably still busy getting over the hangover from Vegas.

(darkestkhan Eriker) #44

No idea and am wondering the same. In fact can’t wait for next MER…

(Peter Yurgin) #45

What’s up?! Where is the data?!

(CCP Falcon) #46

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