Monthly Economic Report - August 2020


The Economic Report for August 2020 is now available ! You can download all the relevant data here .


oasa is 100% clean from bots ! 100%!! trust me
and ccps connection stability is 100%. windows newer drop randomly.
cloadflare protection is so good, it do not blok connections from russia.


Would have to look at specific regions to guess there’s a major war going on looking at these numbers–it’s hardly a blip on the overall economy.

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Notice the time of blackout, they had it right, and caved to botters.


So, the big question is: will CCP choose to raise taxes again, or reduce NPC bounty payments?


They already announced they are tweaking bounty payments in Null when they roll out the mandatory ESS deployments across all of Null in a future patch.

Encounter Surveillance System projected to be a “Permanent thing”

:red_circle: @CCP_Convict Nice. The Jumps map is gone. How lovely. The one thing I was most looking forward to.

Also lol: Destruction is down.


I guess we can see clearly how (not) relevant the nullsec empires are.

It’s very easy to spot which systems they bot in…so easy. Also Cobalt Edge. All systems are dead end systems with only one way in.

:red_circle: Well then how about you go there and camp the systems? Do something instead of just whining!

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@Zhalyd_Lyehin Come with me :slight_smile:

:red_circle: I don’t care about that area, thanks.

This always make me sad.


:red_circle: Why? If it makes you sad, change it. Stock markets elsewhere. Move stuff out of Jita into other regions or build or buy from local producers, provide them with material and create the same convenience elsewhere that makes Jita so great. Do something and stop being so lacking in initiative. It’s in your hands to spread the markets. Do it instead of being a useless leech.


Adding the jumps now :slight_smile:

Burn Jita!


Limn Jita!

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Not sure exactly what I’m looking at on this one… what are the huge bars on Outer Ring and Placid indicative of? For that matter the Feythabolis bar is pretty big too. I just have no idea what they mean.

I think that means a bunch of stuff came from one region, into those regions. Different to it being produced there, or mined there. Cloud Ring and Fethyabolis are near where that war with Delve is going on, or at least, its probably showing the massive build up of forces was happening.

All the ADR regions are where that instanced PvP happens. It used to be a sucker was born every minute, never thought it would come to pass they would be funnelled into killing each other on a regular basis.

It is sad and a shame CCP does not charge market taxes to be similar in operation as to how industrial indexes accrues more tax as the activity increases. Look at the most recent addition, reactions. Its one of the few ‘new’ mechanics that makes economic sense to spread out if a profit is to be realized.

Maybe the new storms should be attracted to high NPC kill systems? Not all the storms are problems, but its something other than a free pass for those who feel the situation unfair.

So how much effect is 6trillion of botted isk every month going to affect the Eve economy?