Monthly Economic Report - August 2020

So how long till they do the ore redistributions?


That’s a dumb idea. The market is supposed to be a place where you exchange goods, not wandering circus. Creating more frustration and less reward for the market does not lead to better opportunities, it leads to fewer people participating and worse coverage with goods. Amarr is a prime example now.

It is not. Reactions are done en masse in the closest possible and most convenient location, not where it’s the cheapest. Industry is the same if you look at Perimeter.

You have no clue what you are talking about if you say that scaling taxes change that or are a good thing. Worse still, you are only interested in more frustrating and less enjoyable gameplay. If you want to experience this gameplay, I suggest that you start setting up new markets or fill existing smaller hubs with more goods at affordable prices so that people buy there instead of seeing the need to go to Jita. Considering that neither you nor this Mazer guy do that only goes to show that you are clueless and have not the best of the game in mind when you run your mouths with this nonsense.


:red_circle: Jumps look good. Just as expected.

This is more or less, player assets movement, fleet movement. It has nothing to do with market itself.
Did you read explanation on top?

People running from Domain, eh? Quitters.

I don’t think that storms are a remedy for bots. CCP has other tools that can use to fight bots with more efficient way. Storms can be seen as “player way to deal with bots”. But I’m just a player and I want to play my way and my gameplay style, not act as “active playing GM fighting with bots”. If I want to use storms to my advantage while harassing bots it’s my choice as a gamer. But this is more for fun not a way to resolve the core problem. No player can resolve the bot problem with tools/means available in-game now except for reporting it.


That is decidedly not true. You can camp their systems. You can hunt them once they ignore you. Camping systems has and will always be a good way to deal with bots.

But if you really need CCP to step in to “fix” botting, you could just kill the tools for the most impactful botting income: Supers. Make it so that they can only use Heavy fighters and that these Heavies can only apply their damage to other capitals and up. That helped with titans and it will also help with supers. This would not inconvenience anyone else but bots and mega crabs, which are things EVE can live without just fine. Storms, on the other hand, are an inconvenience to actual players more than they are for bots.

@Zhalyd_Lyehin I see you have very good tips that you can use yourself :slight_smile:

:red_circle: I already use these tips where I live. What happens in other areas of space where I don’t live is not of my concern. You seem to be bothered by it so you can do something about it if it is such a pain to your experience. However, since

I bet it is not such a big problem after all. Let me tell you something: I want to play my way, too. But recently and thanks to utterly stupid CCP decisions I lost convenient access to Jita to keep my building plans running. Now I have to either put a ton more work into my projects or abandon them completely and just not play that style anymore. What I want to say: Suck it up and do something or stop complaining if that is all you can do and do in fact.

I totally feel you. CCP with Invasion made a hauling game for industrialists. That’s a fact I can’t argue with so I’m not whining/complaining about it because I can’t change/impact it anyway.

I’m just saying that we have bot problem and ISK from it and I’m not going to change it either. Not my role in this ecosystem. Although we all feel or will feel the implications of botting.


Well, it is the players’ role in EVE to create danger and uncertainty. Technically speaking it is your role in the ecosystem to go to places where people suspect botting activity and make it harder for bots to operate. Naturally, not everyone has to go there and maybe not even you specifically have to go there. However, if everyone follows the same mindset, nothing will change in that regard and CCP will just keep introducing more and more “features” that inconvenience everyone else more than bots.

You are in an alliance with over 2000 characters. Make other people of your group go there and do some good for EVE instead of wasting everyone’s time in Abyssal space, for instance.

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