Monthly Economic Report - August 2023

Hello everyone.

The Monthly Economic Report for August is ready.

You can find the downloadable data for this last months report in the follow LINK .



Every month the same: Too much Ice mined by bots or mass-multiboxers semi-afk in almost completely safe high-sec static belts.


  • Remove Static Belts, let them spawn in random systems. Split the Ice Amount between green Ice Anos (directly warpable) and red Sigs (must be probed down). Sigs always carry twice as much Ice as Anos and partially have higher quality Ice Roids. Same respawning system like we have for combat anos: Once an Ano or Sig is done, after a certain delay it repawns in a random system of the same constellation.

  • Especially in Lowsec this could lead to more active ninja mining, since in Sigs you can mine carefully and watch Dscan, since a scout or hunter needs to scan them first. Hunters/Locals on the other hand could of course pre-scan them, then you are screwed. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Add a single Ice-Ano and a single Ice-Sig per WH-constellation, only moderate amounts. These shall only be content to possibly ambush mining ops, not large enough to really sustain structures in a WH. If someone gets away with it, he needs to haul a few fuel blocks less, but if not, there is probably an Orca+Exhumers to pop. As you can see in the chart, the idea of Ice mining only in Shattered WHs does not work, the amount coming from them is miniscule.


Ok so you want to reduce the availability of resources. Here’s my take on that:

  • You’re effectively nerfing the value of someone’s time and effort, they’ll see less resources for the same session time → Feels like their time is less rewarding → Go play another game

  • Players won’t wait out a resource respawn twiddling their thumbs → Content downtime → go play another game.

  • Better to balance on the demand rather than supply side. Game boomed when it had a strong progression and reward hook (multi year cap/rorq/super skill up followed by strong indy > cap building hook which also took years). Personally spent 5 years subbing up to 5 accounts in pursuit of that goal. There has been no replacement for that journey to keep players invested for a long time paying subs since it was removed / diminished.

  • As Dunk put it, players need another mountain to climb. You can’t make caps feels amazing again, they were endgame for 15 years, players completed that game. Blizzard didn’t remove/limit access to Molten Core because more and more players were full epic geared → They released a new longterm content goal (the next raid tier). We need new supers/titans and access to legacy supers/titans brought back down to where they were in 2019.

Just my 2p

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Oh Dear…

The Distinct lack of posts here suggests something is not going as well as it should be.


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