Monthly Economic Report - December 2021

Nice! I’m happy that after miners were finally handed their awesome yields and their double EHP, their profits are starting to get absolutely ass-blasted after the initial 3 days of excitement died down. For example, we went from like 7-8 Mackinaws getting ganked every day, down to about 2-3. How’s that working out for y’all? Enjoy making under 10 million ISK an hour through exhumer-mining by the time summer hits, chumps. :sunglasses:

That is exactly the point. Probably not done anymore in this age of wokeness, but back in the day you’d put the nose of your dog in its poo when teaching it to be clean. I thought CCP need to smell what they’ve done.


Here’s another wording of that old prayer that says, in other words, “Whatcha gonna do?”

“Father, give us courage to change what must be altered, serenity to accept what cannot be helped, and the insight to know the one from the other.”

So why am I wasting my key strokes?

BTW, just a reminder for folks who’ve complained about inflation in prior months: mining numbers are flat. Production numbers are rising. That means the mineral prices are likely to start going up again soon. Which will make everything made with them cost more to build… and so cost more to buy.


@CCP_Convict @CCP_Swift The EconomyIndicesDetails.csv doesn’t seem to have been updated. Latest values are from 2021-10-01.

EconomyIndicesDetails.csv - Import of 'adam4eve/mer_temp/EconomyIndicesDetails.csv' to table 'merEconomyIndicesDetails' successful: 0 affected rows
WARN: EconomyIndicesDetails.csv - 2021-10-01 seems too far back for a successful import!
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There are potentially inaccuracies in both sets of mining data. Especially given that Suitonia has said it is higher than November.

Neither set of mining values are higher than November.

Regional data - 16T total mining
Daily data - 27T total mining

November data - 37T mining
October Data - 45T mining.

Not nearly as drastic as this one, though :slight_smile:

There was an increase in the amount of ore mined in December over November, which is not accurately reflected in the the December MER (likely due to the issue that caused its delay). This net increase does not include Ice from the Winter Nexus sites.

We do have a full suite of internal tools that produce reports for internal use on a daily basis (the CSM has seen some of the reports if you’d like their verification), such that our game designers can make informed and data driven decisions.

What is very concerning but not very well amplified in the graph is the plumetting broker fee’s after the mahoosive sales tax take.

Lagging by 90 days, the max eve order. The free markets have been battered. Irl if this happened two things would happen. We would go to a 0% broker fee & 0 or negative interest rate, to jump start the markets. CCP has been caught snoozing.

It is clear your average CCP dev is indy focused and they need some irl market intelligence pronto. I think they have hired tbh, he better work fast lel. The market drives eve indy not the other way around.

The other major issue is that market botting is rampant. Pull the plug on 23/7 ESI market pulling FFS and ban in game bot pulls.

Just a quick MER update!

The Mining Values in the December MER are inaccurate. Attached is a graph comparing Volume of Ore mined - that is ore that is successfully mined (aka after residue). Intentionally absent is the Winter Nexus Event Ice, so that a proper comparison can be made to previous months.

The teams are looking at what caused the issue for the December MER Mining Values and will have an updated MER with more accurate information as soon as it is available.


How can we trust that data to be correct and not riddled with flaws of fudged? The only thing this “issue” has done has degraded the already low trust in CCP’s ability to produce something without errors.


With clown replies like that I’d suggest CCP would stop putting in effort, time and money into these MER and use their time instead to do something else. So whining clowns with shitty attitudes like you can get fcked.


Still no data in the MERs about how much ISK from the ESS’ RBs goes to owners and attackers?


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So you are confident that all the data CCP present is correct?


The things that might worry you in a real life market aren’t necessarily a problem in EVE’s market and vice versa.

Worth remembering.

No, I’m saying that whiny clowns should stop being whiny clowns before CCP decides they had enough and stop bothering. Checking his posting history he’s a chronic complainer: adds no value nor solutions, just whines in every post he makes.

You can be critical of CCP, which is completely understandable, without being a whiny sht stain.

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Eve online is my retirement plan, ask Hilmar, can confirm I am panicked.

That is more telling then anything else. Learned that where I work. When everyone goes silent. Apathy has arrived.

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I’m betting residue is complicating reporting… just a guess.

I still want to know if you guys think you’re headed in a healthy direction. If you’re happy with the levels of activity and where the “increased mining activity” that ratat bosted about is?


Thank you for this.

Do you have data for the missing ore types as well?

Can you explain why mining value went down 50% in null and 30% in HS accorsing to the MER data?

What’s the actual effect on mining income per character?

And most importantly,
when is CCP going to delete the DBS? MER clearly shows that all your adjustments did nohting to mittigate the damage done to null sec PVE and corresponding content generation.
The premise of forcing people to move around is utterly incompatible with corp level PVE defence, holding SOV and the concept of having a home.
It is simply unacceptable.

The system does not appropriately reward efforts to engage in small gang PVP to offset the cost of PVP and the income itself has never been adjusted to increased ship prices due to scarcity.

Meanwhile in abyssal space:

HOW the F is this “working as intended”!?