Monthly Economic Report - December 2021

Along with other errors,
Are you going to look at your isk faucets and sinks?

The EOM of November is 1421.5T. The BOM of December is 1420.6. 900B isk just magically disappeared in the span of a few minutes?

The production vs destruction graphs are a bit misleading…as they are based on ‘value’ of product and not actual quantity.

So, one can get the impression that there’s a lot less ‘stuff’ being destroyed…when the reality may simply be that prices have fallen.

EOM sept doesn’t match with BOM Oct, EOM oct doesn’t match BOM Nov, EOM Nov doesn’t match BOM Dec. Not sure when the time frame is that they start and end but it could be that little window between starting and ending is what that miscalculation is.

It doesn’t matter

From Dec 2020 the values did not match up. Some months were accurate like July to Aug 21 and Feb to Marchy 21 but all other 2021s did not match up. Its hard for me to believe that the numbers would be off this wildly.

This is how economics works. The numbers are supposed to be inconsistent, scattered, and not representative of reality.


How do I buy an NFT of this MER?

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the mining changes were good for NPC Space, such as Great Wildlands, all of the ore, ice, gas should and is/was being fed to the big blocks with HS/LS Alt corps on high wadges.

I sold over 3000 bpc since the start of january… Mainly subcap ships and drones. Prices didn’t drop. Bpc market dead?

Which bpcs? The ones in talking about are pirate ship bpcs. No one is building them so the nightmare mach gila etc bpcs have dropped dramatically in price.

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My fault. Missed the post you were referring to
Don’t know about faction bpc. We only sell non faction T1.

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That’s why you look at the CPI chart to see that it’s been basically flat.

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Is there a 3rd party to verify this information? I fear there’s been a “scarcity” of faith in CCP lately.


You’re an idiot.

still wating on the data for this one? you mentioned it would be out by the weekend?

I was a little overzealous in my time estimations. The data is currently ready, the CSM is giving feedback on some of the graphs and layouts and we hope to have that information out Very Soon™

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Is there a 3rd party assigned to verify this information?

24 million capsuleers want to know.

Why it needs to be verified? Can we have just raw data?

The updated MER data is up and available here

Please continue all discussion in the new discussion thread.

Thank you!

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