Monthly Economic Report - May 2020

o7 Industrious Capsuleers,

The Economic Report for May 2020 is now available! You can download all the relevant data here .


Great, thanks!

I think you may have "April"ed a “May” in the link there, though.

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Whoops, thanks for the catch. Fixed.

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:red_circle: Interesting how everything drops.

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Except mineral prices :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

The piece of this that I am tuned into is that ISK velocity continues to decline. What is CCP’s view of this. Generally, in RL economies, a high monetary velocity is considered healthier. Is CCP concerned about this decline, or do you feel that the current interventions being made will address the economic health of New Eden?

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Taxes are too damn high, where does it all go anyway? More leviathans and thunderchilds for CCP?


Is production value the total of all industry jobs done in a region, only manufacturing jobs done in the region, or some other calculation?

Monetary velocity and volume are not the same thing. All currency is, is an exchange medium that can be used as a vehicle for exchanging economic productivity. If it is a fiat currency, the money itself is entirely worthless and the only thing of value being exchange were the economic output used to earn the money (your job) and the economic output being acquired. If it is something like a gold, platinum or silver backed currency, the volumes are even less relevant. At varying prices for those unstable commodities, values for goods go up and down more and within one day, an ounce of gold may be worth less or more for a given quantity of something else.

Circulation is what matters. The quantities don’t. One isk trading hands rapidly is better than a googolplex of isk sitting in someone’s bank account, not changing hands, ever.

Just an FYI in real life economies it isn’t as easy for the same person to do their own mining, their own refining, their own hauling, their own production and their own fighting.

A lower velocity of isk on it’s own isn’t necessarily a bad sign.

supers CCP employees bring out for events are confiscated assets from botters and RMTers.

Taxes are not too high.

Alright folks, who’s gonna quantify the Abandoned Citadel changes in this? I’d like to understand the difference in the market between now and before the change occurred.

I have never seen Jita so low on ships!

Guys, can you please hire a translator instead of using google translate?
Check the german version of the thread to the monthly economic report.
You named the month ‘Kann’ which is the google translate to ‘may’ but it
means ‘can’ if you want the month of may you have to name it ‘Mai’ in german.
Just switch the tabs and you can see ‘Kann’ means ‘can’.
Damn that is embarrasing…


What are those ADR regions?

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Abysal Deadspace Tier Levels


90% percent of trade value of entire New Eden is in Jita. It’s a player trend that did it, but I think it would be much more healthier if the market was more spread out.


I agree, that would be ideal. However there is currently nothing in game the significantly counters the positive feedback loop created by already being able to buy and sell everything in a single location (and what little there is is largely offset by the citadels in Perimeter).

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If I am reading the destroyed vs Created chart correctly… I am seeing:

A slight downward trend in mining
A slight upward trend in destruction
Production rates are volatile but don’t have a major trend direction.

I interpret that as the economy is gaining greater scarcity, which should lead to more stability.


Care to explain where you see an upward trend in destruction? This picture shows a clear downward trend since April. I hope you do not interpret the artificial spike in May as upward trend because that was a one time thing if you look at it very, very leniently and favorably.