Monthly Economic Report - May 2020

Previously, MER included a faucet breakdown. This is not the case now. will it come back?

(click for screenshot) One of the most traded commodity - PLEX - has been steadily dropping in price while traded volume increased slightly.

That alone might have had a downward effect on “ISK velocity” graph without it being a bad thing.

As a player who started out primarily living in Gallente space from 2013 to 2015 and using Dodixie a lot and then living in Amarr space when in HS from 2015 to 2020… I sure would like it if the other hubs had similar prices and volumes to Jita for a wider range of product instead of just regional/local things.

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While most of the market end up in Jita, it is not static.
Most of the assets in other systems goes to Jita, and comes from Jita.
It is a Trade Hub, and the main Trade Hub.
Goons had the 4th biggest Trade Hub, although, it was not in High-Sec.

They simply had a lot of things.

Flowcharts are used in programming because, as in business,
the flow is important to keep track of.
It is a good to tell if trade goods are traded 365 times a year.
Of course, that total value of the good will not increase in volume, but, the amount of transaction will increase the amounts spent for it, and the amount of transactions will increase the amount of income gained from it.
If is related to profit, and, yes, if you do spend your profit that way, and get it back, you would generate more with less, even though it would not create anything new, which would create lower benefit from interest.

1 minute later:
So, while it is much more healthier to move the market, and move things from Jita to make them more spread out, after bringing them there (because, nothing end up in Jita for free),
it doesn’t mean that the rest of the items that are spread out don’t come from there, and, that they are not being spread out.

What is more accurate in regards to this health though, is that, the more accurate on the transaction you get, and the less generalization you use to derive facts from it, will yield more details as to when how and why, and from who, and for who.

5 minutes later:
Also, just because cargo gets spread more doesn’t mean that it doesn’t end up in Jita again, once the useful timeline for the life of the service is finished.


the upward trendline for destruction was consistent since the beggining of the chart (July 2017). The pattern of activity we are seeing now is not new, it has consistantly happened in march to august periods before. A decline from march to June that gets canceled out over the next two months. Im not seeing enough to think this year will be different.

despite the summer changes the actual 36 month trendline is slight upwards…

Edit #2:
The final month of data on the charts can be misleading. It really matters which spefific date the data ends on. The chart states June 2020, but the month has not actually finished yet. Without clarifiction, im treating that sudden drop at the end as either incomplete or an outlier.

It should also be noted that two of the largest nullsec groups (goonswarm and Legacy) announced last week that the peace agreement between them would desolve next month. the sudden drop might be the result of the major nullsec players temporarily stopping fighting so they can move their stuff the the new front lines that will begin in July.

PLEX functions more as a “reserve currency” in EVe online than a commodity,reserve%20currency%20to%20do%20trade.

An increase in the market velocity of a reserve currency indicates traders are reacting to an unusually high rate of deflation or inflation. unfortunately, those graphs dont distinguish between buy and sell orders so its hard to tell which from that chart alone.

due to falling prices of Plex and rising mineral price, i suspect that we are current selling significantly more Plex than is being consumed.

:red_circle: The sudden stop is because of lack of abandoned structures, not because someone stopped fightings.

Getting that to happen would require the implementation of game mechanic limitations to the amount of stuff that can be stored in one location (or some sort of increased cost tied to the amount of product currently for sale). I doubt that it would happen though due to the extreme negative reaction it would trigger from station traders and large scale producers.

The outcome of the chaos it would create (at least temporarily) in the markets would also be difficult to predict.

decent idea. I wasn’t considering high security space elements.

Yeah, limitations to stuff stored wouldn’t just affect traders, it would affect everyone… that’s no good.

Cost increases tied to amount of product currently for sale in one location COULD work… it’d be similar to the industrial system index dealie.