Moon drill defense

Yeah my only real beef with this guy is his claim that structures are just an ego trip for alphas to deploy them so that omegas, the paying customer, can easily wipe them out and make them happy.

Since there are alphas, like this guy, who claims they make billions of isk, clearly he has the ability to defend structures if he wanted to by paying mercs to defend them, and nothing prevents him and a dozen other alphas from destroying a structure owned by an omega player, I find no basis in his claims.


So becoming Omega is the solution?
Well, that is easy:
Alpha = Test account, they don’t pay for hardware or services.
Omega = Real account, they make the game run.

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You can have a poor omega who barely has 20 million isk in his account.

And you can have a rich alpha who has 20 billion isk in his account.

More like this;

Alpha Account = Hard Mode

Omega Account = God Mode Enabled

What about us alphas who buy the Plex versus the omegas who buy the Plex from us to be omega? I have nothing against people who play as omega, I just don’t find it anything I desire to do. I also don’t want to derail this topic more than I already have, so I will stop there and exit the train.


Omegas were buying plex long before alphas came about. Back when it was a 14wk trial vs subbing to keep playing. Back then players could still buy plex or game time to keep going instead of paying real money

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like @ Solonius Rex wrote before, you need to be omega to make one, but to buy, own, operate or deploy one. so if you have the isk, just buy it, drop it and you are good to go.

you mean like 42 sec ago? :wink:

PLEX is one way to destroy ISK besides Taxes and a few other things, its necessary to keep the economy going. nothing different to any capitalist state on planet earth.

really don;t understand what the fuzz is all about.

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thank you all for your input. while ima new player i do make a lot of isk and i am omega. i do have quite a few friends in game. where we are thinking of this not just as a money maker. i make a lot already. just a new venture on something my friends haven’t tried before and didn’t know about the details of this. we as a group already have fuel covered and hauling covered. we make our own fuel blocks already and gather all the materials for it and so much more. so the issue with fuel is not an issue at all. and one of our members already has maxed out hauling. u have given me a lot to think about should we go forward with this. but one more question if we do decide to set one up u guys mentioned hired protection. now i’m not sure who or how to even look into such things. as when first joined i looked at possibly joining safty as there in game description says there anti ganking but i learned through other miners that’s not the case. and also when they attempted to take the fleet i was in down but got no one as we are all prepared. where might i look into hired protection till my corp and i can decide on an alliance as there many alliances and i don’t wanna just pick one just for protection. i want it to be the right one. and again i’m aware the risks of putting one up just have friends who wanted to do something they haven’t tried before and this is one of the few things my mining friends haven’t done… as there only interest mining.

You only need to hire protection if you put down a structure, but you can find mercs in this forums, in the corporations and alliances section, under Mercenary Services.


OK, the dry version of my remark:
I was genuinely struggling to read and understand your post. Please try to give a structure to your posts:

  • When a new thought starts, press enter (this way starting a new paragraph).
  • New sentence? Capital letter! Names and titles? Same!
  • This is not a texting message, “you” works much better than “u”
  • After a wall of text a tl;dr is helpful if you want people to read your post.

And now enjoy the forums.

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That link seems to lead to some confusion about why someone would fall asleep.

Capital letters are a lot of hogwash!

In local we don’t require a capital letter to inform other pilots that gankers are in system.

In local, you don’t post walls of text (except if you want 1 mio SP).
A one-liner in texting style is normal and quick to understand.

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Not everyone knows your backstory and perhaps a word salad in local is required @Uriel_the_Flame

I guess posting boring, convoluted and senseless walls of text is one way to gank capsuleers through local. :innocent:

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Sometimes in local there can be some meaningful interactions.


True, it happens though pretty rare, but when it happens it indeed can be meaningful. It might also be a beginning of a long term relationship with another capsuleer so never discount local, but don’t put high hopes in it either. You know what they say about high expectations. :wink:

Oppositely that won’t be you

Amazing that you can create a confusing word salad out of a five word sentence. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You scammed me Uriel as frosty send a billion isk to your pilot for anti gank permit and as of right now I don’t have anything else to say to you!


Do you mean dueling permit? Or maybe you confuse me with @Githany_Red or something?

Pretty sure this is why your transaction got messed up and didn’t reach me properly, you couldn’t even accurately describe to the bank teller why, to whom and what amount to send in your transaction. You need to get better at this stuff if you want your ISK transfers to successfully arrive and for the purpose you intend them for.

As I wrote I haven’t received a transfer for the specific purpose of purchasing a dueling permit thus you must have made an error with the transfer so have to try again. If the comment field does not state properly the purpose of your transfer we can not be expected to know what it was intended for. Don’t blame anyone else for your own mistakes.

Oh and ofc as I wrote: no refunds. That’s corporate policy unfortunately, nothing I can do about it either.

:stuck_out_tongue: :innocent: :dealwithitparrot: