Moon drill defense

Yeah, that’s totally wrong.

  1. You should transfer the ISK to my corp not me, it is the corporation that issues the permits thus it is a corporate product not something I personally make and sell so it is bought from the corp not me.
  2. There is no such thing as a Lifetime version, you have to pay every month during which you want to duel, and each one lasts until the end of the calendar month during which it was purchased, no more, no less.

lifetime duel permit is called “Mutual war” which costs nothing :wink:

Only if the other side accepts it for free. :wink:

Plz send me 1 billion isk as well for your in-forums permit.

I’ll be honest I didn’t read the whole post, but my advice would be to simply join a corp where they have a moon mining operation already set up. When I was in my last mining faction, we had one in null sec, and we had people who were in the adjacent systems, as well as across the system, monitoring for possible threats. As soon as one was detected, we’d all jump back immediately to our station.

So really, to answer your question of how to defend:

  1. Strength in numbers
  2. Good comms (doesn’t even have to be voice, but it helps if you aren’t actively paying attention to chat)
  3. A moon mining operation is more than just those who are mining the rock.
  4. spam d-scan
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If you want some isk then you will need to supply something of value. Ie check my post history and read up on how I really enjoy artwork.

So mak eFrostpacker a moon drill desktop that shows a background of snow mon chunk right as it explodes and you can have your billion isk

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Frosty would like to extend the offer to a New Capsuleer pilot stay tuned for thread in mercenary forum section.


i have lerning disabilitys and i dont have glasses. i cant see well. its hard to get all the text proper. and hard to c mistakes i have made and capitalizations i forgot. i get headaches when i squint to hard to figure out all my mistakes. i get this all the time from people and just leave it alone. and the fact u got modded 2 times tells me u diddent say it befor in a kind way so eather be kind or move on. i dont need people telling me toi spell well when i cait spell well or to capitilizr things. i also have very little time to get everythingin my day done. any spair timei have i play eve. and its a struggle to do that yet alove spend a bunch of extra time squinting at my words andgiving myself a hedach and trying to fix it all. plenty of people gave me good ancers as u can see so if u cant read it and theres lots of ancers move on.

this is true i found a returning player whos stuff was all impounded and they didn’t have enough to get it all out . im not rich in isk like my friends but i helped this person get there stuff outta impound and they have been having fun playing again. i saw them ask for help in local and everyone was so rude to them. so yeah u can have meaningful connections in local.