Moon goo for alpha capsuleers2

I’m relatively new arround here, been making a living in new eve for almost 2 months now.

I’ve gone and started up my own corp, disolved it, joined a new one, running arround , got my first 100 mil, first off-race special ship, all in all a hard grind, pleasant ecperience.

I’ve got a lot of help information wise and now i feel like i need to be on my own again. But i need a passive source of income without depending on mining ops or ratting. And the only way i can do that is by mining moon ores as i found out.

Now the problem is i’m an alpha and the other one is idk what to do structure-wise. What’s the best an alpha can do with 2 bil or less (i hope i can gather that by the end of the next month).
Take in account that some structures are supposedly redundant, and are subject to change. My mind has been jumbled up too much pls help.

If you’re looking for moon mining as an Alpha, you can fly around and try stealing the valueable Ore in a Venture. But I’m not really sure what you’re asking here.

I’m not sure what this is trying to say.


Moon mining is not passive. Are you talking about PI?

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I asked around in-game and seems like moon minig array is redundant and will be deleted someday as well as other structures

It sounds like you’re talking about the outdated old Passive Moon Mining that was removed from the game. Moon Mining isn’t passive like that anymore.


I know for sure PI is for omega. If you can help me with moon mining, then?

To mine a moon, you need a refinery structure with a moon mining drill. This drill will break off a chunk of the moon, haul it into space and break it into an asteroid belt that can be mined in the usual fashion. Harvesting the ore is not passive.

A deliberate design goal for the Alpha state is that free-to-play characters must not be able to generate significant passive income and impact the game economy. Hence the significant restrictions on your ability to participate in industrial gameplay.

The Alpha skillset does allow meaningful participation in combat but there are limits. If you’ve been playing long enough that those limits are constraining and want to move past them, it’s time to subscribe.

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as scoots and Do little perfectly answered to you, alpha status is just a trial status. Now if you like playing eve, upgrade to omega. It will cost you less than a Mc Donald’s meal per month.

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