Moon Mineral Distribution Update

In short, yes. -At least any mineral moons you have have been holding.

They already stole the majority of those already… Welcome to Null - here for CCP to screw over time after time after time


no its trit plus other basic minerals on moon ores.

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So, in short, this isn’t a full “mineral shortage”, it’s a tritanium shortage


so the only result of moons in HS will be pyerite, mexalon, and useless R4 goo ? the goo that we can’t even use in HS in the first place ?


That is 99% of moons, thanks CCP we love tedius work.


You fail to see the bigger picture. Linear thinking, unfortunate.

CCP, I’m glad you finally realized the economy was in dire need of attention. Will be interesting to see how these changes impact T2 prices/production. Also very curious to see how the full re-balance plays out. Would love to see some more production capabilities shifting to J-space.


Well looks like 0.0 gets screwed again. Seems like the dev team doesn’t even know their own game. Hopefully this gets reversed and all of you get fired.


Players have been gorging on the carrot for years.

That’s why this change is happening at all. Too fat from carrots.


They just stated near the bottom that the R4 goo will be more useful at a later date. Please read the entire article.

“We are planning on increasing the demand for R4 moon goo through the industry (blueprint) changes. These changes don’t have a delivery date yet.”


So what is supposed to be the most common ore in the game is now the rarest in nullsec?


With the removal of basic minerals from moon ores there doesn’t seem to be a reason to not allow the moon ore to be compressed.


This is a valid suggestion.

GJ CCP next step to ruin the economy of this game and the game itself. :rofl:


So can we still mine null sec ores from HS moons??? that’s my question


No. Only moon goo ores (Coesite, bitumens, zeolites, etc.)

Clearly I’m being dense here or I’ve missed something cruicial. If you remove everything except Pyerite and Mexallon on most of the rocks what the hell is left? What are the new moon rocks going to consist of and will the approximate values remain the same or is high sec moon mining dead now? Is it better now? I’m reading the posts but I’m none the wiser.

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I’m just here to watch people who don’t know what they’re talking about freak out and claim this is going to kill the game. :popcorn:


That’s not good enough to keep subs around.

Think about addicts, if you give them all the drugs they want then stop abruptly they’ll wander off and find another source. However, if you dangle that next fix in front of them, even if you don’t give it to them right away, they’ll stick around even through the pains of withdrawal.

Addict analogy aside, everyone knows these changes have been needed for some time. However, such changes should have been done all at once as an expansion-style patch. Drawing it out just pisses people off and wreaks havoc on the market for no good reason. We don’t even get to see what the light at the end of the tunnel is to give our feedback to say if they system is even any good or how it might be exploited. I’d like to see something akin to what they did for the T3 rebalance to be honest. That way tweaks and possible reworks can be made BEFORE it goes live in some broken state as we have seen over the past several years where feedback should have been heeded. (Fozzie Sov, Citadels, Rorquals, Injectors, Alpha, Capitals/rebalances, HAWs, etc)

In short, we don’t even know their roadmap, all people are being hit with is a damn stick for several years at this point. And not just the people of null, this effects everyone in EVE in one way or another. We just know “CHAOS” and that isn’t good enough.

EDIT - to those who are being doom and gloom about the minerals, just remember most of those were coming from other sources already. I’m taking issue with the complete lack of warning and promised rebalancing of ores. This was a removal (partial replacing) and nerf of existing ores, not a rebalance. But most of all the lack of any roadmap. As well as taking great issue with the slow rolling out of what should have been a single large patch to “rip the bandaid” off so-to-say.


For what? Don’t you need to know what you’re mining before you decide that?