Moon Mining - Ancient Relics

How does the sound of being able to extract relics and debris from a Moon’s surface or Moon chunk sound to everyone, more so the miners and archaeological site runners?


Unleashing Eldritch horrors are something the devs have teased with Moon mining. Finding the occasional rare ghost can in a Moon or site would be welcome.


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Sounds entertaining.

Sebat Hadah likes the fact that Sebat Hadah could find a relic of an ancient human civilization in the hunk of a moon that sebat hadah’s station dragged up.

What about unleashing a new NPC that has long been dormant across New Eden? Something akin to the reason why Sleepers are scanning almost everything in New Eden except Moons. Maybe they are looking for pieces of an ancient data core or assembler array to continue building something in W-Space that would allow them permanent access to New Eden without having to use wormholes.

Perhaps Moon Mining and the Ancient Relics will reveal even more about the Jove Observatories along with finding new Blueprints for ancient weapons long forgetten about but still just as deadly in the modern era.

Just being able to survey a moon and the rock chunk for rare items that are worth something, such as a cache of ancient cerebral implants or boosters will generate new content.

Why do we need another way to get relics? all that would do is lower the price of T3s and make them more prevalent.

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