Precursor Relic sites - Faction Rigs

Tl;dr; Relic Sites based on Moons and in Asteroid belts, which make you use survey probes, probe scan, warp around system, even use mining laser or a new module to extract stuff for precursor ship/module/t2 production. A reason to stay within same system for extended periods of time.

Longer version: I touched it in topic about nomad living, that I absolutly love the idea of living nomad style. Having a mobile base of operations which carries a collection of ships, or couple, or even just one. To serve a purpose of storing loot, a week reserve of ammo, etc.

But the thing is, in my own null data/relic roams, you either fill your cargo too soon, or die in a gatecamp. As you need to travel a lot to find sites. Like I would roam through 40 systems in a 3 hour session to find 5-6 decent sites. Not complaining, its fun in its own way, and I want it to stay.

But also and I think it adds to nomad style living if you could find a system and spend the whole 2-3 hour session exploring it.

So I want to introduce new ancient precursor relic sites which we became able to find with incorporating triglavian mining tech into survey probe. So upon entering the system you start probing every moon, asteroid belt and anomaly and find dozens of sites to further explore. In each site you dig into asteroids with this relic extractor modified mining laser. You mostly find noice signals and ore samples, and rarely some new stuff for ship/module/t2 production. Very rarely there are puzzle pieces for a system wide puzzle which can or cant be solved in several hours/days.

It is obviously not finished design, rather just a general idea, which I’m still thinking through and encourage to discuss and critisize.


As someone who had recently gone into Abyssal farming, I find it difficult to support an idea that would allow Triglavian materials to be acquired outside of Abyssal pockets. The materials found in Abyssal space should be kept strictly to Abyssal space. Abyssal pockets would become almost obsolete if people could simply farm the materials around their nullsec systems in the same way you can scan down Relic or Data sites.

That is really the biggest concern I have with your suggestion and don’t really have much of an opinion on the rest of it.

Thank you for your reply. Triglavian T1 mats iso-10 and condensate will stay in Abyss. Not arguing to replace those.

Some new T2 parts/mats to be added to new sites.

Triglavians are not the only precursor race there is. If Drifter, Sleeper, Jove, Talocan or whatever other race ships are to ever be added in the future, this sites will contain their shared material base. They all populated the cluster at some point after all. We just learn how to detect their trace.

Lore stuff aside, in a sandbox game the best thing is variety of professions. They killed off some in past years, like after MTU intro does anyone scan mission runners to ninja salvage and loot?

With this new site a new profession is created, mining exploration. Maybe its best done in barges and expedition frigates, maybe some miners stop mining and switch. Maybe it will affect mineral production.

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If eve ever gets that “walking on planets” expansion, it would be pretty damn cool to see old precursor ruins on random planets


I believe CCP will expand into filament style play a new step in my opinion would be to drop you in a system full of sigs one of them being the exit others with loot and dangers with an overhead timer to grab as much as you can and get out


so basically abyssial sites, but instead of combat they’re for explo?

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Abyssal sites we visit now from lore perspective in my opinion are part of Triglavian “Struggle”,
or proving. Some kind of evolution simulation. They selected Damavik over some other frigate design through this proving. They consider our diving into Abyss partaking in this proving also.

Lore aside I love the idea of timer restricted exploration. And there are plenty of ways to stitch this kind of activity to any lore canvas seamlessly.

But my suggestion is to connect mining and exploration

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Yay or nay?

Have been thinking about it some more. Making these relic drops part of T2 ships production is apparently a bad idea. There is a bunch of T2 Triglavian ships coming out in less than a week.

So what other valuable enough drops could there be in Precursor Relic sites? What do common Relic sites drop? Rigs! Faction rigs!

They shouldn’t be stronger than T2 rigs, they should just have different drawback. Or slightly better bonus but bigger drawback too. Or one rig would use up all 400 calibration.

Come on. Faction rigs. Great idea. Lets discuss.


does no one think of the required nerfs that would have to be made to make room for things like this…

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