Moon mining ideas

(Sepros Silent) #1

So nowdays were into moon mining. First of all, i am a big fan of the concept! But still i find some problems i would like to talk about. . .

First of all: Ice inside Moons
I would love the idea of ice inside of the moons. beside mining for ore, you can mine for fuel…
Specialy some low worty moons will get some more attantion.

Second: Moon Freighter
A freighter that can carry 2.500.000 cargo of only moon ore, becouse moon ore cant be compressed, its a pain in the butt to move to the market or other systems…

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #2

this is by design it is meant to have to be refined. its supposed to be hard for you to move it from where you get it to some other place to refine. you need to do it locally or take the trips

CCP has been working pretty hard to keep Ice prices up this would be counter to that.

(Dark Engraver) #3

The ore size is intended for you to at least refine it locally

(QuakeGod) #4

Yes, please implement moon ore freighters to get ganked left and right. I could use the entertainment…

(system) #5

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