⭐ MOONPIRE-Trading (closing, do not accepting new investments)

its a scam

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Can we have some of the people (real players) who invested with you reply with interests received? I also don’t see how much you currently have in debt.

hold on, she’s gotta log an alt in first

10/10 can recommend!
i have personally had great experiences Investing with Moonpire i receive my Interests on time every month, never had a issue with getting my investment back if i wanted to end the agreement because i lacked personal capital. you cant trust anyone in eve but i personally haven’t had a issue here.

I was invested for a little while, I think only 5b? never missed a payment

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Incase anyone was wondering, Arisha Moonpire speaks German as her main language, and guess what language Solarsystems speaks as well…

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He do not speak german…

“Solarsystems, English only (Token Dane)”

i make invest 2 year ago and bring dividend every month. recommend moonpire

I actually dont speak german, i understand most in text, but i dont actually speak it or write it, i have german friends to do that for me.

Sure. I think i know which german friend wrote that for you. Wink wink.


If I invest 1 billion, what is the interest payment on this per month on this thing? I am not good at knowing this things.

Where’s the collateral!?

3% looks like… when you get to 50 to 100 bil it goes up to 4% anything above 100bil is 5%

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@Jerry_Falcone I am asking what it works out to be, like 50 billion at 3% you get paid per month, or how often every 3 months?
Also is the interest computed daily/weekly/yearly?
that was my main question, I can do the math but im not sure how its being computed, just out of curiosity.

it says end of EVERY month…So if you give 1, then every month, you’ll get 30 Mil, after a year 360 Mil total is what you would have gotten back in interest… if i did my maths right… (not a math person)

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thank you! I have been on the fence for a while.

All interest for march paid.(not an april joke^^ )

If anyone is wondering, this dude is based out of Insmother and multiboxes like 20 accounts at once doing his “trading” in space.

I have no proof, however im willing to bet all of you are investing in a RMT scheme.

What trader needs 20 falcons and 20 sabres lol.

Do you charts or graphs of any sort to show your investments or any proof what so ever of you using the isk given to you to generate isk in game? Or do you just sell off a lot of the isk, and rat to make back the super small amount of “return”

come on… that are not 20 and not 40, its a lot more.

this is a usefull thing to win a war, why not?
then about your “ratting”
yes i did it

but nope… its boring stuff
i mined a lot of time in rorquals, before ccp destroyed it complete.
now its impossible to control 25 rorquals at once on this useless belts…
what else i did do?
i have cynochain around eve and doing logistic service, just for fun and for my favorite thing… market.

i tried to ratt in rorquls after the last patch, but ccp game is so bugged, that you need around 40 drones per site, because the npc focus the drones and not the rorq…

and yes i am using that isk from here to expand my marketplaces…

ps: my really hobby at the momment is to tank as much as possible, have already 77 kills on that rorq, real kills… goal is 100… :slight_smile:



hello. im investing 100B isk for period of two month. money sended to corporation Moonpire