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somewhere in the answers are some investors… but they were spammed

interest for august paid

I’d rather get hit by a bus tbh

Cant you tell by all the investors who flocked to write about how much isk theyre getting from this investment?

BTW, im an investor. I have invested my interest in this thread, and the return in entertainment value alone has made me a very rich man, in my heart.

I will not go and impose on the people now that they should now write here, how much have erhlaten … there have already been investors answered … and it was immediately garbage that you can not even find the post … Do you think there is a desire to write something? As an information, I have now launched a full fledged market in The Bleak Lands in Huola. For example, part of the money went there. https://i.gyazo.com/25d1057b320b98a959011b60f8ea11bd.png comes over who likes to do lowsec pvp, who can build everything together and send it to yulai :-).
I plan to build more such markets in the future. 2 other markets I operate in nullsec areas. and people see what i do and talk directly to ingame, but above all see the quality in my work. most do not even know that this topic exists here …

I cant. The first time youve stated that interest was paid, was back in May 31st 2018. And yet, there hasnt been a SINGLE, SINGLE person who confirmed receipt.

Yes, there is quite a desire to write something.

K, whatever you say. From the person who didnt even realize his corp was under wardec.

and that’s why I do not care if someone writes here or not …

You should. And thats the point. The fact that you dont, is very suspicious.

Let me put it this way: if someone were cheated, you would find out about it here. but as long as nobody answers, everything is fine.

Nope. Massive red flags everywhere. Smells of fish etc.

Bollocks basically.

hahaha … that’s so typical no matter whether one writes or not … it is said that it is me. exactly where one has deposited and posted it, was directly claimed again I would be … where is the sense to write here? …

This thread is like Eve. It won’t die.

So who do you send isk to in order to invest. And are the current rates in the OP still accurate

Well figure since no one else is, I’ll have some fun and try this out, isk is isk.

I’ve sent 5b to the corp Moonpire (talked with Arisha in game), I’m on the 5% monthly model. I’ll confirm every month here if I get the interest payment.

Thanks, 5 billion isk received.

Amd they never heard from him again…

an interview but in russian https://youtu.be/YwXpStjLmt0?t=11m16s

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That’s assuming anyone in the isk lending business loaned isk to you to begin with. No one with any reputation has said they loaned you isk and has received interest. Not to mention your original post looks a lot like a copy/paste from another investment thread here.

The burden of proof is not on us to prove that this is a scam, its on you to prove that it’s not.

No hablo russian.

Check out my two characters Temijin and Temijhin. You will see both have been in game for over ten years. I invested 10bil isk in MoonPire… Every month I have gotten my interest payment. I think I’m going on my 4th month with this company. I supported the effort (yes took a chance) as it was something new and player driven. Do not invest any amount that you couldn’t afford to lose as something could happen in real life that prevents the MoonPire folks from meeting their obligations. No scam. Just life happens as we all know.

I have found the MoonPire folks to be honorable. It is making good passive income for me every month to supplement my other operations. If you are wealthy enough to have isk laying around looking for a placte to invest it to protect your liquid funds from Eve inflation (yes I remember when you could by a Domi for 50mil isk), I would recommend MoonPire.

As a banker in real life, I do make unsecured personal loans of significant amounts (remember, a credit card is an unsecured personal loan). So, I made one here to support someone doing something new.

Feel free to mail either character in game if you have questions. Temijin or Temijhin.