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read my post before, why i do not do this… and who give you a guarantee that the other person will not hitted by lightning or who give me the gurantee, that i get my colleteral back? then i loose colleteral and have to pay investors :slight_smile: NICEEE. So if someone do not trust, then please dont invest, very easy

You want others to trust you just by your words, but yourself won’t trust anybody. Do you see the problem here? I’m not saying you should trust everybody, but if you want a loan from the community you need to find a way to factor out trust as a risk as much as possible.

as i said… if i would have so big colleteral, i would not be here…

there is simply no meaningful collateral is to leave then to take exactly the same value from others in isk … where is the sense that?

Then dont look for large loan amounts. Simples.

Okay, So you lost a bunch of isk from a test corporation, comprised of isk that didnt belong to you. That is worse.

So why not wait. Youll make a ton of isk in a month or two.

You dont need our isk.

You dont even understand how APIs work. No wonder your “Test corporation” failed.

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People like Chribba have been trusted with TRILLIONS of isk. TRILLIONS.

People like Enorn can make new bond threads like this one:

And get all the isk without collateral.

They all BUILT their trust by starting SMALL and providing a reason to trust them.

You have nothing.

You have provided nothing.

You have a poor understanding of EVE.

And youre asking why we dont trust you.

Go ask a German Bank to trust you and loan you 1 million Euro for no reason, and see if they will trust you.

Chribba, Elizabeth Norn, any of the trusted third parties will do.

In the other threads, he wrote, that he has plenty ISKs so that 11b loss was no problem…now this is a new story…

Since you just do not want to understand it, and let your imagination inspire you. I will just as well ignore you. It does not matter what amount you ask, you just want to have your entertainment, that’s all.
Honestly … I’ll write to the people to test the API, will it change your mind? Will you invest afterwards?

Pretty sure, the people who ask for your API, just want to mock or scam you (abusing your lack of knowledge about the game). No API showing the past can create trust for the future, but expose all of your EvE live. Also the problem IMO is not mainly the trust in your person, but more the trust in your abilities, as your poor show in the past suggests … this is my view.

Its ok…
Trusted persons contacted.

Inb4 PLEX hits 2 mil

While this is true, it will also

  1. Enable any claims being made in the thread about their business activities to be colloborated.
  2. Enable auditing of their business practices and competence
  3. Give some audit and potential clues to who their “main” is, if they eventually SCAM, so at least some payback can be enacted.

Just a question for me, is it possible to read deleted messages? because i had a list 2 years ago that i deleted. is it possible to get it back? All messages were ingame?

Probably a question for a support ticket. I don’t think you can. I think mail messages are cached locally on your pc, but once deleted, they are gone from the server, unless they can recover them (hence support ticket).

Got an answer… only one month can be restored :frowning: but ok. Spod Khema, do you want to check the APIs? If yes how much isk do you want for that service?

I’m not a trusted third party :blush:

You’d best get someone who is and can provide good feedback on your thread.

OK the lets wait until the 2 trusted can answer, yes or not…

Believe it or not, we are actually trying to help you.

We are giving you pointers on what to offer, in lieu of not being able to offer collateral and have a non-existent history.

Again, not true.

The problem here, is that you keep on insisting that all it should take is trust. Trust me. Trust what i say. Just take it on trust. And you wonder why we accuse you of being a scam? Do you understand that every single scam has started out with this? Trust has to be earned. Youve put in ZERO effort to earn our trust, instead crying to ISD to remove posts that provide actual concerns about your business practice.

Lets list up all the things we did in trying to help you, but that you refused to do:

  1. We told you to write a solid, concrete business plan that outlines how youre going to give your investors back their money. You only gave a vague, “Im trading plus maybe skillfarm” answer.

  2. We told you to start smaller, offer smaller bond amounts. You have refused to even acknowledge this.

  3. We told you to provide an API, not to us, but to a trusted 3rd party. At first, it seems as though you have no idea how APIs work, and then you said you couldnt trust us, so we told you to go to a 3rd party.

Now, lets list up what you have done so far to earn our trust:

  1. Hey, trust me.

  2. Its sad that no one trusts me

  3. Did I mention you should trust me? Never mind, I dont need your trust, Ill do this on my own. I dont need your help. Ill start small and prove that I can do it. Let me come back a week later and offer this bond asking for isk from people!

  4. ISD please delete those messages that are critical of me and calling me a scam. No one is a scammer until they scam, therefore they have no right to call me a scammer until I scam.

  5. I am very secure and have a high level of security. And what better way to prove it but by putting trust in the wrong person and losing 10 billion isk worth of stuff. Dont worry though, that wasnt my ISK, and it was a test corporation.

Bank and eve online have a very unpleasant history, the moment someone reads it they go back to the banks of old, which pretty much every single one was a scam or failed.

I do think your plan is OK, however you are putting all the rist to the lenders with no fallback. Even with api’s checked etc you have no real positive reputation on here so to ask for what is essentially a 250b collateralise loan in the guise of a bank is poor judgement.

You say about risk diversification, however your point is contradictory, my isk is safe in my wallet and less risk in a collateralised loan.

I have 2 investments that are zero collateral however the people these are with have more to lose in the form of their reputations which they ply their trade on than it would be worth scamming for.

You may get 1 or 2 small investments out of this but id be amazed if it filled and even more amazed if it lasted, whether due to scamming or no growth or whatever.

My honest advice to you is to start building a reputation for yourself in your field, do smaller collateral secured loans with assets that you dont need for that time to cover them. Once you have a reputation and more to lose than you stand to gain, then people will be a little more trusting.

And yes, asking ISD to remove posts because you dont like the content when they are within the rules doesnt help you either. This is market discussions, forum rules apply, not ones you put in your post about not starting trust discussions. You are asking people to trust you dont run off with their ISK by risking it to you. They have every right to ask questions.

Forum rules can be found here: https://community.eveonline.com/support/policies/forum-moderation-policy-de/

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Well, no. We told him that if he doesnt feel comfortable with handing out his API, which doesnt need to be everything, we usually just need his wallet info, then he can go to a trusted 3rd party.

It would be a good first step, though. Remember, he talked about how he made like 300 billion or so in trading, and that the isk that doesnt go to skillfarming is going back into trading.

Of course, if he really does have 60 characters that are skillfarming, which is what he claimed, then it should only take, at most, 1 week and a bit to get enough skillpoints to extract and gain a boatload of isk (26 billion isk profit, if you minus the cost of the extractors)